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1st Round Draft Strategy

If while doing your research you completely fall in love with the thought of drafting someone, follow your instincts and if they are available by all means draft them. The reason I mention this is as follows:

The year is 2005.  We are starting up a new keeper league.  Priest Holmes is the unanimous number 1 pick on every site I see.  I have the #2 pick.  While doing my research that year I completely fell in love with the thought of having, you guessed it, Ladanian Tomlinson.  The more I read, the more I like my draft position.  Then the day of the draft comes and the guy with the #1 pick tosses us all a curveball and picks Michael Vick. So here I am needing to decide between the guy Ive been reading about and the guy everyone says should be #1.  I ended up going with Priest Holmes.

We all know how that move ended up.  Priest had a decent but not great season.  He ended up getting injured late and the next year ended up losing the starting job. Luckily I did trade him during the season, so I didn’t end up with the headache of him losing the job.  We also all know that any owners with LT on their team last year were in a good position to possibly win their league.

Needless to say, I have second guessed that decision ever since the second I made it, and to this day wish I had gone with my gut and picked Tomlinson.  He was the guy I really wanted, but how could I pass on the unanimous #1 when he fell in my lap?

The other moral of this story is to follow your gut, always!!  Instincts are rarely wrong, whether it’s in fantasy sports or in life in general.

So, if you’re sitting there with the 3rd pick this year, and you really like Frank Gore, and the guy in front of you takes Shawn Alexander instead of Steven Jackson, my advice to you is take Frank Gore. He is the guy you want and you will end up doubting yourself later on if you don’t take him.

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