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2005 QB Impressions: Quick Hits

Just wanted to toss out some quick QB thoughts before your pending hectic draft schedule.  As usual, I try not to point out the obvious but rather, choose to place my neck firmly in the chopping block!  Let’s do a little 2005 QB prognosticating now that I’ve had a good look at the topography this year.

Everyone is looking at Peyton Manning or Daunte Culpepper as the interchangeable #1 or #2 out of the shoot on draft day. Watch Donovan McNabb be the #1 QB selected in your 2006 draft after this 2005 season.

Matt Hasselbeck will pick up where he left off at the end of last season and have a tremendous 2005 campaign now that some of the dead weight has been cut.

All the Jake Plummer haters, and there are a lot of them, are going to eat crow.

People are going to be slamming their heads against the wall for not drafting Kerry Collins among the elite QB’s. A commonly repeated statement part way through this season from many a fantasy owner will be: “Stupid Idiot! Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, Ron Curry and I STILL didn’t believe? What the heck was wrong with me? Who knew even LaMont Jordan was a dangerous receiver out of the backfield? Dang, that’ll teach me to trust my instincts again.”

Tim Rattay, with a little more supporting cast could be this years Drew Brees. Put Rattay on the Chargers and he would be.

Billy Volek is going to be a free agent pick up that the lucky few will ride to a championship. Sidebar: When Drew Bennett starts slow and owners start dumping, grab him for the second half when Volek takes the reigns, for good.

Gus Frerotte still sucks. OK, not that much of a limb.

The Redskins QB situation is going to be a disaster. So much so that the entire team will turn belly up making the lot of them useless.

You know that little tickle that happens in the back of your brain when someone mentions Kurt Warner? Act on it – Kurt will deliver in the desert.

Peyton Manning will make it look easy. And I get paid to do this??

Daunte Culpepper won’t miss Randy Moss, even one little bit.

Byron Leftwich will make progress and will have his best year to date, though don’t expect miracles.

Jake Delhomme will be very solid and a productive fantasy #1. Much better than his 2005 average draft position dictates.

Same old inconsistent song and dance for Aaron Brooks. Thankfully, the Saints D is horrific once again so the fantasy stat opportunity will be there early on. Trade him first big game he has as he won’t be starting for the Saints at season’s end.

Look for the Giants to throw more to the end zone which will boost Eli Manning’s TD numbers a little higher than projected.

Everyone that drafted Carson Palmer when they did, will regret it.

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