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2006 Pacific Mako: moosen starts it off

Normally I’d feel a little weird starting a thread for a league that I’m just entering… as the new guy. But since going to the league website and seeing several familiar names that are already my bisches, I no longer have any problem with it.

Let me start by welcoming all you former makos to my league. Let me finish by saying that I have no intention of staying here very long. But you all won’t be the first to act as mere speedbumps in my route to the top, don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt that bad. Hell, you’ll hardly feel it. You may as well start drinking now, and in fact, why not talk trash about how good your team is going to be next year. Here, in the same league. Or if you’re really feeling cocky, why not start the trash talk about which second place sap is going to ride my coat tails into the next league? And of course, if you’re not feeling creative, you can always just start your annual trash talk by announcing how Hussy is once again going to be the league pivot-man.

Seriously fellas, I look forward to it and it should be fun, but don’t flatter yourselves by any means. I really can’t take any of you that seriously.


The thread is accessible here!


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