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2007 All-Turkey Team

The annual list of Turkeys is here!!  Always a favorite of the site, since those of you with guy(s) listed here, now you know why.  High draft picks, high disappointment.  And what we try to do here is to take injured players out from consideration, so we won’t be talking about the fantasy season devastating injuries to first round draft picks like Steven Jackson.  In other words, these are guys that have, well, simply put, stunk.  Let’s get right into this year’s ALL TURKEY TEAM!


Drew Brees, New Orleans

What an incredible season the Saints had last year, rallying around Hurricane Katrina.  Everyone expected that to continue, that the Saints offense would continue to march on.  New Orleans came out of the gate laying eggs.  Brees was not himself, then the team took a hit when McAllister was lost for the season.  The offense has picked up in the last few weeks, but it wasn’t enough to keep this year’s #3 projected fantasy quarterback on draft day from making this year’s All-Turkey Team. 

Vince Young, Tennessee

No one expected Vince Young to put up high numbers thru the air, but we expected SOME kind of production on the ground.  Like the Saints, Tennessee struggled out of the gate.  All Young could do was lead the Titans to victories last year, suddenly this season the magic was gone.  Not only that, but the fantasy numbers disappeared.  Many took Young as their starting QB, right now he’s barely worth a roster spot. 

Honorable Mention:  Marc Bulger, StL

Like Vince Young, many the fantasy owner took Bulger as their #1, only to see him fizzle out, then sit out a couple of games.  A disappointing season for the Rams and their entire offense cost the fantasy owner that expected their usually prolific offense. 

Running Back

Cedric Benson, Chicago

Here at, we had Benson rated as the #20 RB.  Right now he’s the #17 scoring RB, so he’s right about where we had him.  The problem is, the current rankings are missing all those players that are hurt and have missed significant amounts of time.  The Bears gave Benson every opportunity to perform by trading away his only competition for the job.  He still couldn’t get it done.  Only four TDs and one 100 yard game on his resume this season, not what you expected at draft day even for the #20th rated RB. 

Thomas Jones, New York Jets

Jones does have two 100 yard games to his credit this season, but we are still waiting for him to hit the end zone.  Yes, you read that correctly, Jones has not hit paydirt all season.  We had Jones ranked as the #15 RB on draft day, we didn’t expect huge numbers on the ground, but we expected that he would be heavily involved in the passing game.  That has not happened, as only once this season has he caught more than 2 passes in a game.

Honorable mention:  Larry Johnson, Kansas City

Sure, Johnson has three 100 yard games this season, but we expected so much more out of the #4 ranked RB on draft day.  We thought that he might lose a step, but we didn’t think that the coaching staff would ignore their most potent piece of offense. 

Honorable mention:  Shaun Alexander, Seattle

Alexander started off well, a hundred and a touch in week one.  A TD in week two, another hundred yards in week three.  Then, he was gone.  Less than 50 yards in each of games five, six, and seven, two games later he was out with an injury, perhaps not to return this season.  Prior to the injury, it was clear that he had lost a step, wish we knew that was going to be the case on draft day. 

Wide Receiver

Lee Evans, Buffalo

Evans was in most top 5s on draft day, what a disappointment he has been right from the start.  In fact, it wasn’t until week nine that he put up some good numbers, only to follow that up a week later with his usual pathetic score.  A complete waste of a draft pick, simply fell off the face of the fantasy earth. 

Steve Smith, Carolina

If Smith wasn’t ranked as the top WR, he was either #2 or #3, and rightly so.  He came out of the gate putting up his usual numbers, 118 and a TD in week one, then a 3 TD explosion in week two.  Good times.  Then trouble started with Jake Delhomme getting hurt, and Smith has never recovered.  Only the bravest fantasy owner can afford to put Smith in the starting lineup right now, as his best usually only entails 50 yards.  Another major draft day disappointment. 

Honorable Mention:  Marques Colston, New Orleans

Colston came out of no where last year, rewarding the owner that plucked him off the waiver wire by putting up great numbers week after week.  As mentioned above, the Saints offense went south, and Colston was no where to be found.  A top #15 WR on draft day, only in the last couple of weeks has Colston warranted a starting lineup spot, but for the owner that drafted him, it was probably too late to save what has been a disappointing season. 

Tight End

Todd Heap, Baltimore

I actually had some trouble finding a Turkey at the TE position for this year, so we’re bending the ‘no injured players’ rule a bit.  Heap did miss a handful of games, but prior to that he was a disappointment.  A top 5 TE on draft day, Heap only found the end zone once in his first four games, not what the fantasy owner that drafted him was looking for.


Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis

Once again proving the adage that you should never draft a kicker early, draft day’s consensus #1 fantasy kicker has been a dud this year.  Perhaps Belichick and the Patriots were right to let him go?  He’s currently ranked outside the top 20, with the misses in the last few weeks coming at an alarming rate.  Weather can’t even be used as an excuse either. 

Nate Kaeding, San Diego

And we travel down the draft day cheat sheets to this year’s consensus #2 fantasy kicker.  If you think Vinatieri has been bad, Kaeding is ranked #30!?!  Ouch!  The Chargers offense has struggled to create the chances that he had last season, so much so that he’s not even worth being on a fantasy roster at this point in the season. 



Though is the also generally preached that you should also wait to select a fantasy defense, many were predicting that the Bears would continue to be the dominating fantasy unit.  Not so.  Sure, they’ve scored a couple of TDs, but for a unit that many fantasy owners drafted as the top defense in the sixth round of their draft, the Bears currently register as the #16 ranked fantasy defense.


Like the Bears, the Ravens were thought to also have a strong fantasy defense.  Ranked #2 heading into drafts, they currently are right next to the Bears, just a shade ahead of them at #15.  So again we say, wait to draft your kicker and defense as disappointment happens at these two positions all too often. 

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