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2008 Draft Plan

Welcome one and all to the Progno’s
2008 draft battle plan. Each year I draft in many experts leagues,
trying different strategies, just so I can develop a 2008 draft plan.
I do not prescribe to a particular draft theory since year-over-year, there isn’t one-size that fits all. You need to study the
available talent, the ADP data to see where talent is going and then
come up with strategies to draft a winning team. Some years it’s
vital to get a QB early, some years not. Some years you can let RB’s
go a little since there’ll be plenty later, some years you need to
bulk up and open your draft RB-RB-RB to gain the biggest competitive

Last year there was tremendous depth at
all positions with a lot of mines along the way to mess up the back
end of your draft. There were just a few difference maker Team
Defense’s for those that use the concept that for the second year in
a row, I recommended drafting a Team D early. This year I am not
making that same recommendation as Team D is as deep as the ocean
blue. Let’s get to it.

Assume 12 teams, 16 rounds, a starting
lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D with standard
performance scoring.


Do not be the Tom Brady or Peyton
Manning guy. Just don’t unless they are still sitting at the top of
the 3rd round which they shouldn’t be. Tony Romo would
also be a possibility at the top of the 3rd round and I
really like Romo if you had the #1 pick and you are getting him on
the turn to go with LaDainian Tomlinson and the stud WR you just
picked up at 2.12. The same thing goes for Drew Brees and Carson
Palmer, only collect them if they fall a round past their ADP which
they do sometimes. I have Romo, Brees and Palmer in various experts
leagues and that’s with me trying to stay away from them. I draft in
a lot of leagues.

Donovan McNabb is your target in the 6th
as he makes a decent pick in that round and is a good 4 or 5 rounds
past Brady or Manning where you will be picking up some top flight
players. Matt Hasselbeck in the end of the 6th or top of
the 7th would suffice. Come to think of it I have McNabb
and Hasselbeck in various leagues too. Maybe I draft in too many

After the above QB’s are long gone you throw the position
to the wind, I promise you will still walk away with serviceable QB’s
and be happy at the position. Here’s what you do, QB will fall off
very sharply and in actuality, there aren’t enough backups to go
around so you will want to strike and strike quickly for two at the
position. Target the end of the 8th round if you are
picking there. If you are drafting at the top of the 8th
then wait till the 9th to take the best available QB.
There will be a lot of them but they will disappear faster than you
can say Chad Pennington so in the 9th or 10th
grab your backup QB from everyone above Vince Young. Aaron Rodgers
makes a fine backup QB as does Brett Favre, Matt Schaub, David
Garrard, there are plenty. You very easily could walk away with Marc
Bulger and Matt Schaub and that is not too shabby for picking your
first QB at the end of the 8th.

If you miss out on this
wave then there’s actually a decent wave later in the draft too.
Jake Delhomme and Vince Young together make a decent pair as long as
you draft a 3rd QB like Tarvaris Jackson for insurance. So
to recap, don’t pay for the top guys but take them if they’re handed
to you, target McNabb in the 6th, bulk up in the 9th
and 10th and if that doesn’t hit, keep a close eye on the
position and grab Delhomme and Young or Jason Campbell. You want to
stay away from Phil Rivers, Jon Kitna, JaMarcus Russell, Trent
Edwards, T.J. O’Sullivan, Matt Ryan, Jeff Garcia, Kyle Orton, Chad
Pennington and everyone else around these guys. That’s not to say
that Phil Rivers or Jon Kitna aren’t going to make me eat my words,
it’s just that I’m staying away.

Running Back

Running Back, Tight End and Team
Defense are deep this year. Running Backs and Tight Ends both have
an early window where it makes sense to draft one but after that you
just wait. There will be a lot of them later in the draft and you
will be kicking yourself if you are forced into drafting another
position because you went hard and heavy on RB early with so many
good ones staring you in the face. Obviously you draft a Tomlinson
if you have the chance but Earnest Graham, Selvin Young, Thomas
Jones, there are a lot of RB’s that you can get late. I advocate
leaving some roster slots open for RB after securing someone you can
hang your hat on in the first two rounds. Plan on loading up at RB
later in the draft and just throw quantity at the position.

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