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2012 Fantasy Sharks Pro Bowl V

Welcome to the Super Bowl edition of the Brew Crew Corner. It has been an exciting season, and it’s even better when your team is playing in the Super Bowl. One thing fantasy football leagues lack is a Pro Bowl game. Since fantasy leagues don’t have a Pro Bowl, I simulate a game each year to showcase the best fantasy players. Could you imagine if you had all these players on your roster? Records would fall.

2012 Shark League Pro Bowl

This is the fifth annual Shark League Pro Bowl.

Past Pro Bowl results
2008: NFC 179, AFC 155
2009: NFC 192, AFC 140
2010: AFC 144, NFC 132
2011: AFC 178, NFC 125

The Pro Bowl selections is based on the top players’ year-end total score. The lineup is based on Shark League rules and scoring and uses stats from Week 17. Note: if a player is hurt or did not play, he was not put into the lineup.

The Pro Bowl Selections

AFC Quarterbacks      

386 –
Tom Brady, New England     

296 –
Philip Rivers, San Diego       

270 –
Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

NFC Quarterbacks                          

413 –
Cam Newton, Carolina                

405 –
Drew Brees, New Orleans           

398 –
Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

AFC Running Backs             

413 –
Ray Rice, Baltimore      

356 –
Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville

349 –
Arian Foster, Houston   

NFC Running Backs

368 –
LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia 

285 –
Marshawn Lynch, Seattle     

278 –
Michael Turner, Atlanta        

AFC Wide Receivers                       

328 –
Wes Welker, New England    

236 –
Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh        

233 –
Brandon Marshall, Miami         

222 –
Vincent Jackson, San Diego      

NFC Wide Receivers 

352 –
Calvin Johnson, Detroit 

282 –
Victor Cruz, New York Giants 

278 –
Jordy Nelson, Green Bay     

272 –
Roddy White, Atlanta    

AFC Tight Ends      

323 – Rob Gronkowski, New England      

208 –
Aaron Hernandez, New England

NFC Tight Ends 

288 –
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans   

203 –
Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta       

AFC Kicker                                     

175 –
Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland

NFC Kicker                                        

215 –
David Akers, San Francisco    

AFC Defense/Special Teams         

213 –
Baltimore Ravens                  

NFC Defense/Special Teams        

215 –
San Francisco 49ers           

Here is the live scoring summary.  


AFC                                                      NFC    

Player                         Points              Player                         Points    

Tom Brady                24                 Cam Newton             13

Ray Rice                   37                 Marshawn Lynch        13

Maurice Jones-Drew   22               Michael Turner          32

Wes Welker              11                 Calvin Johnson          41

Mike Wallace             2                   Victor Cruz                29

Rob Gronkowski        30                 Jimmy Graham          23

Sebastian Janikowsk   20                 David Akers              16

Baltimore Ravens       9                   San Francisco 49ers   7

Total               155                              Total                174

Super Bowl XLVI: The New York Giants will win!

Thanks to everyone for reading my articles. Enjoy the offseason and get set for the upcoming draft.

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