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2013 NFL Draft Prospect Evaluations – Jan. 30

Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas, 6-foot-3, 220 pounds

From a prototypical standpoint, outside of not being the ‘ideal height,’ he has everything NFL teams look for in a quarterback. Big, strong arm, good pocket command, mechanics are there, and all reports indicate he has the intangibles, too.

Struggles in key situations – red zone, third down, late in games, and going downfield. Real tough to look past these issues, while he looks like a quarterback he too often doesn’t play like an NFL caliber one.

Buzz has circulated of late that NFL teams, notably the Kansas City Chiefs who are drafting No. 1, are higher on him than the draft community. In a draft class lacking lead guys at quarterback in a league that is quarterback-hungry, teams looking to fill that hole will be looking to find ways to justify risky picks. Wilson has all the tools needed to be successful, but whoever drafts him will need to groom him in those key areas.

2013 OUTLOOK: Like most rookie quarterbacks (until recently anyway), he is a redraft after thought. He doesn’t run much and he doesn’t strike me as the type that will transition quickly like Andrew Luck.

DYNASTY OUTLOOK: Whether Wilson is a worthwhile risk or not right now will depend on his cost on rookie draft day. I am not overly optimistic in him being a great quarterback because he has too many bad problems to fix.  In order to justify using a first-round pick on a quarterback, he really must become great. However, if he is selected Day 1 in the actual draft and he falls into Rounds 2 or 3 of the draft (see Ryan Tannehill in 2012), then he becomes a very interesting target.

Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida, 5-foot-11, 210 pounds

PROS:  Advanced in the passing game (blocking and catching) at this stage of development, does not take plays off, reliable runner that usually maximizes what he can get out of each run based on what is available.

Will not create anything extra on his carries, whatever is there he will get but that is usually it, just isn’t dynamic enough to be anything better than the good side of the committee.

DRAFT BRIEFING: As the league becomes more and more passing centric, types like Gillislee become more valuable. I think he is a Day 2 target of many teams, planning to feature him in the passing game and using his functional running abilities just to keep defenses honest.

2013 OUTLOOK: In the right situation, he will be a late round target of mine. His game should translate quickly to the NFL and he provides a skill set that whatever NFL team drafts him will want to utilize quickly.

Fantasy owners tend to lean towards more dynamic players, especially early in dynasty rookie drafts. Due to that tendency, I think Gillislee may present some strong value. He may never be a Top 10 back, but he is a very good bet to become a quality No. 2 for a very long time, something many late first-round rookie running backs do not become.

Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor, 6-foot-3, 205 pounds

PROS:  Good size, reliable red zone threat, can make plays over the top, can create in space. Really, all of the basic elements teams want in a wide receiver he possesses.

That said, for a wide receiver with as much experience as he has, he is very raw from a developmental standpoint.
Speed is not a strength either, so he doesn’t have that to lean on as he adapts to the NFL. His routes are spotty, sideline work inconsistent, and he has a bad habit of body catching. There’s a lot to work with, but there’s also a lot to work on, he really needs coached up.

His tape and speed are not strong enough to justify Day 1, but he will be picked up Day 2 sometime. Big, productive, under developed wide receivers just usually do not fall out of the Top 100 in the draft.

2013 OUTLOOK: He lacks the special qualities of former teammates Josh Gordon and Kendall Wright, both of which started this year and neither were reliable starters. Like his former Baylor teammates, he really needs an adjustment year, expect him to be involved in whatever offense picks him up but he is more of a name to keep in mind for December 2013 and more likely 2014.

Round 2 target. While there is a lot he needs to work on, if properly developed he has all of the makings of a quality WR2 on fantasy squads. Anytime that type is available after Round 1, their name gets highlighted on my cheat sheet.

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