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2015 Draft Plan

Welcome back to the new Fantasy Sharks! We’ve been busy in case you didn’t notice. Each year I put together the meandering thoughts of a perceived Fantasy Expert who drafts relentlessly against the iron this industry has to offer and from those experiences, I put this little ditty together. I tend to play in PPR leagues, so this article leans that way but I did do a number of draft simulations with non-PPR scoring systems and the results really didn’t come out all that different, except for one particular facet, which we’ll get into a bit later. So good to have you, welcome back, I’m truly pleased you’re here, now let’s get to work.

Use The Force Luke

And away we go. Headlong into what I believe to be a harrowing 2015 fantasy football draft season. In many ways, 2015 is a bit like 2014 in that it truly is about the wide receiver position but what’s different is that there are stretches in 2015 when running backs make sense. Those that are unprepared this season will suffer – greatly. You need to really know the deeper players this year and have a list of sleepers to target, it is crucial that you do. The talent pool dries up in a hurry this year and this truly is a year where your later round picks are what will distance you from the pack. What you do not want to happen is to be looking at your cheatsheet in the 10th round and have all the players look the same to you. If that is the case, then you didn’t do your homework and you didn’t prepare your sleepers. When you get into the later rounds, be ready with players you are targeting.

Not only do you need to know the bottom of your draft, but you need to know when the draft is playing tricks on you, as there will be mirages, false hopes and crushed dreams scattered along your path. Knowledge is always power, but this year you are going to need to add Jedi mind tricks with a sprinkle of Zen to truly come out ahead.

The Pyramid Scheme

What I want to convey this year isn’t knowledge, but rather, I want to build a pyramid of importance so that at all times during your draft, you surge with the proper emotion with each selection because you know what is truly important. Using this player-evaluation filter pyramid that we’re about to build, will help guide you throughout the draft. We will weave some strategy into the mix but essentially, once you understand how the pyramid looks and feels, you’ll be able to make your own decisions this drafting season.

Go Deep

Let’s begin with the position your draft psyche needs to appreciate as the diamond in this draft, the wide receiver position. Building the bottom layer of our pyramid first, we layer a healthy dose of wide receiver at our base for it is here where you must focus. I’m here to tell you that in reality, the top-5 players in your draft are Odell Beckham Jr., Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas. You can put them in any order you wish, pick your favorite from that list and your choice from that list should be the 1.01 selection in your draft. Should be. That is where the value lies and why you see this group of receivers go so high this year. Their values truly push them up into these elite spots. So why don’t we draft them 1.01 to 1.05? And why shouldn’t we?

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