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2015 NFL Predictions – Colts over Packers, 34-31, in Super Bowl 50

Boys and Girls, it’s been a long hard wait for football season, but it is finally here. The anticipation is overwhelming as we count down the hours before NFL football begins. I have examined the rosters, diagnosed the schedules, and have come up with my predictions for the 2015-2016 season.

The NFL will commemorate Super Bowl 50 by having gold 50s at midfield throughout the regular season.

Let’s dive in!

*=playoff team


*New England Patriots         12-4

Miami Dolphins                     10-6

Buffalo Bills                            9-7

New York Jets                        5-11


New England Patriots

Tom Brady is out for blood, offense still all intact, defense will be key to keep them in games

Miami Dolphins

Tannehill steps up, passing offense becomes one of the top in the league, defense good enough with beef and talent up front, just not enough for playoffs

Buffalo Bills

Defense alone will take them to almost .500, offense will hold them back from making it to playoffs, won’t have consistency with possible injury riddled players all year

New York Jets

I think the defense will be a little less than elite, inconsistency from the offense will hurt them game to game, will be looking for their franchise quarterback in the 1st round in the 2016 NFL Draft



*Pittsburgh Steelers         10-6

*Baltimore Ravens          10-6

Cincinnati Bengals          10-6

Cleveland Browns           5-11


Pittsburgh Steelers

Offensive will be explosive, defense will disappoint them too many times to totally dominate division

Baltimore Ravens

The run game and Flacco are enough to keep them in games, defense will be younger and faster this season and make more plays

Cincinnati Bengals

Good team, and when the season is on the line to make the playoffs, Andy Dalton will again disappointment

Cleveland Browns

Defense will keep them in games so the offense can disappoint them over and over again, will be looking for their franchise quarterback again in 2015 NFL Draft



*Indianapolis Colts                12-4

Houston Texans                    9-7

Jacksonville Jaguars              5-11

Tennessee Titans                  3-13


Indianapolis Colts

Team is too talented to not win at least 10 games, easily winning the division, Luck will have record-breaking year

Houston Texans

They will be better this season, but without Arian Foster, the ceiling is only so high, will be looking for a running back early in the 2016 NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars

Will see a lot of improvement from Bortles and the defense, just not enough to get them to .500, will be start of an upswing for them as they become a competitive team in the AFC for the next few years

Tennessee Titans

Rookie quarterback growing pains, defense is worst in NFL, will be fighting for the #1 overall pick



*Denver Broncos                   12-4

*Kansas City Chiefs               11-5

San Diego Chargers              9-7

Oakland Raiders                    5-11


Denver Broncos

Peyton is still quarterback even though older and not as elite, defense will be good enough to help offense win games

Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid will game manage lot of wins with a decent offense and an attacking defense

San Diego Chargers

Will look the same as last season, they failed to make any changes that take them to the playoffs

Oakland Raiders

Will see improvement from team overall, Carr and Cooper develop well together, and defense becomes very good heading into next year lead by Khalil Mack

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