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CONTESTS: 2016 Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!  We will let the outcome sit for a few days before calling the results official.  We will be contacting you via the email you registered with at Fantasy Sharks for shirt sizes (if applicable) and mailing addresses.

1st Place wins a 2017 Fantasy Sharks Diamond membership.

2nd/3rd Place win a 2017 Fantasy Sharks Platinum membership.

4th/5th Place win a 2017 Fantasy Sharks Gold membership.

Thanks to everyone that participated this year.

Pick ‘Em

1. dahlia
2. jlfbucky
3. swatty06
4. riccook1
5. bbbandit87

Swim with the Sharks

1. rjfras
2. Govissue25
3. dmcduke
4. bart2201
5. SteelHammer1


1. Gumbercules
1. jhanser
1. MGBlaze
1. OilersNut
5. ID4Me

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