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2017 NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft 1.0

It’s that time of year where over half the teams in the NFL start thinking about next season. Remember folks, Mock Drafts should be used to figure out how players are being positioned along the Draft board. Right now we are starting the NFL playoffs. Where is the Draft starting to fall as we start this process? I’ll try to keep this a quick read, Let’s Dive In!

2017 NFL Mock Draft 1-10

1) Cleveland Browns – Mitch Trubisky (QB) UNC

The Browns need to take the best player on the board. They should not pass on the best pass-rusher in the class and future all-pro caliber player.  Myles Garrett is the next best pass-rusher in the NFL and the Browns jump on him with the #1 overall pick. They should go get Tyrod Taylor or Colin Kaepernick to work with as a stop-gap until they get more talent on the roster and go get Myles Garrett.

But they pass on that idea and take Trubisky.

2) San Francisco 49ers – Myles Garrett (OLB) Texas A&M

I believe that the best trade partner for Jimmy Garoppolo is the 49ers. I think the Patriots would be most likely to send Garoppolo to the NFC instead of the AFC foes Jets, Texans, or Browns who are all desperate for solid quarterback. The Bears would be another team to watch out of the NFC. This would be especially true if Josh McDaniels takes the job in San Francisco and wants to start his tenure with a bang. If McDaniels is his coach, he would more likely to re-sign with the 49ers long-term because he is a free agent after the 2017 season (or any team that McDaniels is coaching). So they take the best pass-rusher and player available in Myles Garrett.

3) Chicago Bears – DeShaun Watson (QB) Clemson

They have a solid offensive line for the most part and a premier running back that emerged in Jordan Howard. They need a quarterback for the future and finally invest in one with Watson. I think he will do well in the interview process and rise up the draft boards.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars – Jonathan Allen (DL) Alabama

The Jaguars needs the best player on the board which is easily Jonathan Allen. He can add so much talent along a defensive line that needs interior and edge presences. I expect the Jaguars to be extremely happy to have a Leonard Williams like fall in the draft and take the best defensive lineman outside the Top 3.

5) Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles) – Malik Hooker (FS) Ohio State

The Titans secondary situation may be the worst in the NFL. If they can find some talent their, they instantly become a better team. They have a pounding offense that can drain the clock but lacked the secondary to keep other teams from making big plays to keep games close. Their first step is to get a ball-hawk safety that can give the ball back to the offense. Malik Hooker is easily the best free safety we have seen in the Draft since Earl Thomas.

6) New York Jets – Jabrill Peppers (CB/LB) Michigan

This seems like a match that makes a ton of sense. Todd Bowles who was the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals who drafted Deone Bucannon and turned him into a versatile linebacker/safety hybrid could create a similar role for Peppers. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Peppers as a player in the NFL because I’m not sure he can be that kind of impact player consistently with NFL talent on offense. Nonetheless, Peppers and Bowles makes a ton of sense here as a match.

7) San Diego Chargers – Cam Robinson (OT) Florida State

If this team wants to get back on track and become more of a .500 team, they must secure the offensive line. Cam Robinson is a Day 1 Right Tackle for a team that has yet to solidify the position. Robinson gives the opportunity for this offense to become better by protecting Philip Rivers and adding a player that can create more gaps for the running game.

8) Carolina Panthers – Leonard Fournette (RB) LSU

Jonathan Stewart is an overpaid running back that consistently deals with injuries. They need a fresh new face to their running attack and Fournette is a pounder that fits well in their offensive scheme. Cam Newton and Fournette could be a scary duo if both can stay healthy. The Panthers need a great draft and offseason to get back on track and may look to add a “star” from this class to create a spark.

9) Cincinnati Bengals – Reuben Foster (LB) Alabama

I think he is a Top 5 player in this class and future star at inside linebacker. The Bengals have a solid front office that take great players at the appropriate time. Foster is a tackling machine from the linebacker position. He is a Top 5 talent that is available at #9 overall — they easily pull the trigger.

10) Buffalo Bills – Ryan Ramczyk (OT) Wisconsin

It comes down to what the situation of the Bills is on the offensive side of the ball. They have an uncertain quarterback situation, but a solid running game foundation entering 2017. They take Ramczyk to play right tackle and secure the offensive line to keep the opportunity for a decent offense in 2017.

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