Friday - Mar 22, 2019

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2018 CONTESTS: Winners!

Congratulations go out to our contest winners this year.  Well played everyone!  First Place finishers will be hearing from us via email.  Second and Third Place will have Platinum VIP Memberships next season and Fourth and Fifth will have Gold VIP Memberships.  Once we open up 2019 sign ups, we’ll set you up then.

Pick ‘Em

  1. S.Condon
  2. riccook1
  3. MillerLites
  4. dblackod
  5. puma23

Swim With The Sharks

  1. xray81088
  2. abitibiguest
  3. rjfras
  4. kriskro
  5. cfresa


  1. AndreAlan
  2. EvilSnowmeo
  3. VolStagg
  4. vsimard
  5. doug_coutts


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