Saturday - Mar 6, 2021

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2018 SITE CHAMPION: Flying Hogs

Flying Hogs bested Arrogant Bastard in the Great White Shark League to become our new Site Champion.  Both teams also made the playoffs last year as well. It was truly a heroic effort from both teams against a league comprised of only ex-Shark League Champions along with Tony Holm and Doug Coutts from Fantasy Sharks.


Congratulations to the Flying Hogs!

In the Whale Shark Leagues (the two leagues just below Great White in the league ladder), java and skidz mcgee were the winners, we’ll see you both in the Great White Shark League next year along with Orphans and Sheba’s Shadows that will also be moving up.  What a journey it’s been.

We will be saying goodbye to some teams that get pushed down our league ladder and elevate all the Champions to the next tier next season.  We hope you had a good time playing in the Sharks Leagues this year and we’ll see you all next season!

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