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2021 IDP PLAYOFF RANKINGS: Wild Card Round

As the calendar turns to a new year (thank God), the NFL playoffs are about to begin—14 teams with the singular goal of making it to Tampa and Super Bowl LV.

But the conclusion of the regular season also means the end of the fantasy football campaign. Whether you are basking in the glow of a championship or trying to figure out why you came up short in the pursuit of one, there won’t be any more IDP goodness until rookie drafts get underway in dynasty leagues in May.

It’s enough to make one a tad emotional.

Just a tad.

However, there is an alternative—a way to stave off the offseason blues for a few more weeks.

IDP Playoff Leagues like The Football Isn’t Over Yet IDP Invitational.

As has been the case the past few years here at Fantasy Sharks, in order to help you in the final quest for fantasy glory this season, I’ll be publishing IDP rankings each week during the 2020-2021 playoffs. These rankings assume a league format where teams start two defensive linemen, two linebackers, two defensive backs and a  couple of “flex” spots.

They also assume a “one/two and done” format where players are concerned. In other words, while the entire pool of individual defensive players is available, each player can only be used once (or twice, in this particular format). So, while matchup and talent are still the primary considerations, it’s also important to identify which teams are going to be eliminated in a given week and try to use those players where possible.

Otherwise, by the time we get to Super Bowl LV, IDP owners won’t have anyone left to slot in starting lineups.

With those caveats in mind (and a deeper pool of talent thanks to the extra postseason teams this year) here’s a look at the top 10 defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs for the Wild Card Round.


  1. Aaron Donald – DT, Los Angeles Rams (at SEA)
  2. Myles Garrett – DE, Cleveland Browns (at PIT)
  3. Chase Young – DE, Washington Football Team (vs. TBB)
  4. Montez Sweat – DE, Washington Football Team (vs. TBB)
  5. Jason Pierre-Paul – DE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at WAS)
  6. DeForest Buckner – DT, Indianapolis Colts (at BUF)
  7. Cameron Jordan – DE, New Orleans Saints (vs. CHI)
  8. Cameron Heyward – DE, Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. CLE)
  9. Trey Hendrickson – DE, New Orleans Saints (vs. CHI)
  10. Carlos Dunlap – DE, Seattle Seahawks (vs. LAR)


  1. Darius Leonard – OLB, Indianapolis Colts (at BUF)
  2. Bobby Wagner – ILB, Seattle Seahawks (vs. LAR)
  3. Danny Trevathan – ILB, Chicago Bears (at NOS)
  4. Lavonte David – ILB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at WAS)
  5. Tremaine Edmunds – ILB, Buffalo Bills (vs. IND)
  6. Demario Davis – OLB, New Orleans Saints (vs. CHI)
  7. Avery Williamson – ILB, Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. CLE)
  8. Jacob Phillips – ILB, Cleveland Browns (at PIT)
  9. Cole Holcomb – OLB, Washington Football Team (vs. TBB)
  10. David Long – ILB, Tennessee Titans (vs. BAL)


  1. Kamren Curl – S, Washington Football Team (vs. TBB)
  2. Jamal Adams – S, Seattle Seahawks (vs. LAR)
  3. John Johnson – S, Los Angeles Rams (at SEA)
  4. Jordan Poyer – S, Buffalo Bills (vs. IND)
  5. Antoine Winfield Jr. – S, Tampa bay Buccaneers (at WAS)
  6. Malcolm Jenkins – S, New Orleans Saints (vs. CHI)
  7. Kevin Byard – S, Tennessee Titans (vs. BAL)
  8. Ronnie Harrison – S, Cleveland Browns (at PIT)
  9. Chuck Clark – S, Baltimore Ravens (at TEN)
  10. Marlon Humphrey – CB, Baltimore Ravens (at TEN)

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