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NFL TRADE DEADLINE: 3 Moves That Should be Made

The trade deadline is around the corner (November 1st) and certain teams should be willing to make a move. Some teams should look to gain draft capital as they are rebuilding and need young cheap talent to help create a new foundation for their franchise. Some teams are leading the pack and should invest in a player that can take them over the top. I have three moves that I think should happen that would benefit both teams. Let’s Dive In!


1) Seattle Seahawks trade their 2017 1st Round Pick to the San Francisco 49ers for offensive tackle Joe Staley.

The Seahawks have patched together an offensive line that has barely made it through the year so far. Russell Wilson has been hit too many times and been injured, which is a result of the poor offensive line play. They are sitting on top of the division, and are in 3rd place in a weaker than usual NFC. They can take the next step in becoming the favorites by making their offensive line more secure and talented. Joe Staley would anchor the left tackle position and could be the difference between Russell Wilson finding a rhythm in the second half of the season, or getting injured by a blindside hit.

This is a win for the 49ers who need to collect young talent to find an identity and a foundation to their rebuilding effort. This would give the 49ers two first round picks for 2017. Likely a Top 5 pick, and a late 1st round pick. Joe Staley is 32 years old and not the ideal fit for Chip Kelly’s scheme. This may be odd to have an intra-divisional trade, but Staley is at the end of his career and the 49ers won’t be competitive in this division at least until 2018. I would have preferred Joe Thomas in this trade, but the Browns are stressing that he is not going to be traded. 


2) Dallas Cowboys trade their 2017 3rd Round pick and 2018 6th Round pick to the Cleveland Browns for tight end Gary Barnidge and wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.

The Cowboys are atop the NFC starting a rookie quarterback and rookie running back. They have the best offensive line in football to protect Dak Prescott and allow Ezekiel Elliott to run wild. What would happen if you gave Prescott another lethal receiving weapon? Dez Bryant has struggled all year with injuries and connecting with Prescott. Do you really expect the Cowboys to be a threat down the road against a good defense with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley? If you add Gary Barnidge and allow Dez Bryant to come back fully healthy, you’ll have an extremely potent offense. This would give Dallas two tight ends that are good pass catchers and would be great in a two tight end play-action game. Linebackers would have nightmares as they prepare for the heavy tight end set and try to determine to go stop Elliott or make sure Witten or Barnidge don’t beat them in the play-action. Andrew Hawkins is a veteran with good hands that provides much needed depth at the wide receiver position. Jerry Jones must capitalize on this opportunity as the Cowboys are a real contender and need more weapons in the offense.

Barnidge’s production is down this year and the Browns need to get something out of him before he starts to decline. They gain two more picks that can help them continue in their rebuilding. The Browns have young tight ends on their roster that deserve some looks to see if they can be their tight end of the immediate future. They also drafted four wide receivers in the last draft that need some playing time to grow and develop, so Hawkins is not necessary for this offense. This is a win-win for both teams.


3) Oakland Raiders trade their 2017 1st Round pick to the Chicago Bears for pass rusher Willie Young.

The Raiders are tied for 28th in sacks so far this season and their defense has looked rough at times against the pass. One way to help the pass defense is to get more pass rush. Acquiring Willie Young will give them somebody else that can take the pressure off of Khalil Mack and not force him to be the only threat to get sacks on this defense. This in turn may also free Bruce Irvin to make some plays. Young already has 6 sacks this season and would be a great addition opposite of Mack to create more pressure against the quarterback. The Raiders seem to be all-in this season and should invest in a pass rusher to keep their momentum rolling.

The Bears are pretty awful and need to look to add some draft capital. Willie Young is 31 years old and won’t be in his prime much longer. You need to strike while the iron’s hot so that you can gain young potential at a cheap price to rebuild the roster. They have Pernell McPhee (age 27) and Leonard Floyd (age 24) to be their main pass rushers of the immediate future. This move will give them two first round picks to help them create a new identity which they could use to select a young quarterback. 

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