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32 NFC Team Questions

Welcome to the Brew Crew Corner. For those that read the first part on the AFC, thank you for waiting for the NFC. It is very exciting to have preseason games to watch as well as live drafts are kicking off. Now that season is picking up and moving fast towards the start of the fantasy season, there are plenty of developing stories and situations. One minute you can be drafting Sage Rosenfels as your QB2 and then the next, Brett Favre signs and now your pick is wasted. Keep a close eye on players that get injured as this can create value for them if they drop so that you don’t select a player like Andre Brown who will miss the rest of the season with a torn Achilles.


1) Kyle Orton threw three INTs in his first preseason game. Not what the fans wanted to see. The hot seat is showing smoke for the new coach and to help fan the flames, Brandon Marshall plans to hold out of practice as he still wants a new contact or to be traded. The situation just doesn’t get better and it is going to be a long season in


2) … on the other side of that Denver QB trade is Jay Cutler who did not look sharp in his first game either. He threw an interception and should have had another picked off.

3) Hey did you hear? Michael Vick signed with the Eagles and practiced. Big whoop. It kills me to have to hear crap like this from the media. So what if he practiced. How is that really news? Comeback and wake me when he actually starts a game.

4) Michael Crabass is holding out to get the same money Darrius Heyward-Bey is got for the No. 7 spot. Crabtree is getting poor advice and you can basically consider him a non-factor for the rest of the season. Grab Josh Morgan instead.

5) As we look at the rookies play in their first preseason games, they did not get a ton of work to make a judgment yet. But of the rookies, Mark Sanchez looks like the one that would most likely start. Don’t get too excited about drafting any of them. Over the past 10 seasons, only Peyton Manning had more than 20 TDs, and the Top 10 QBs in that 10 years combined for an average of just 13.3 PaTDs and 14.8 INTs for the season.

6) Just so everyone knows, preseason stats don’t mean a thing. Don’t get caught up in preseason hoopla. Last season, Dan Orlovsky, Kevin Kolb, Ken Dorsey and Charlie Frye led in passing yards. Jacob Hester lead with three rushing TDs and Robert Meachem had a 60-yd TD. During the regular season, though, they were all non-factors.

7) Larry Fitzgerald is going way too high in drafts this season and is my candidate for biggest first-round bust based on how overvalued he is. I’ve seen him go as high as third, and according to ADP results, he’s being drafted on average at 1.05. As good as he was last season, what makes people think he will put up better numbers in 2009? He has three 1,400-yard seasons with an average of 10.6 TDs which is what you can hope he will have again this season. Some more tidbits: he finished 2008 as second-best receiver behind Andre Johnson and was the 12th-best overall fantasy player. That is the same place he finished in 2007, which would indicate that he should be taken at the end of the first round. And incase you didn’t notice, he’s on the cover of this years Madden.

8) Old vets prove to be great value. Every year you see them in drafts: the forgotten players that used to be studs. They are no longer being taken in the early rounds, but some players are slipping so far down the draft board that you can pluck them with great value. Donald Driver has an ADP of 8.06. Sure he only had five TDs, but he still had 74 catches for 1,012 yards. Also a good value is Derrick Mason, who had 80 catches for 1,037 and five TDs. These players will not be your every-week starters but can prove very valuable to you to cover injuries and by weeks as well as trade bait for needy teams. Don’t over look veterans that can produce steady numbers because you’re too busy trying to grab the next young unproven talent.

9) Teams adjusting to the 3-4. There are a number of teams, such as

Green Bay and

Kansas City, have moved to a 3-4 defense and this change will take time for any team to adjust. Keep that in mind when you’re looking at defenses to draft as well as starting player against these teams. The adjustment period is usually the first four weeks of the season and not every team has all the personnel to make the transition to the 3-4 effective in its first season.

10) Every year there are players and teams that I stay away from in drafts and hesitate to add during the season. Last year I told everyone to avoid Joey Galloway like the plaque as I grabbed Antonio Bryant towards the end of drafts.

Galloway posted just 138 receiving yards while Bryant led the team with 1248 yards. This season I’m staying away from the Rams, Browns and Broncos entirely! Marshawn Lynch has never been on my fantasy team and won’t be this year either.

Rankings go from 1-32 where 1 is the easiest and 32 is the hardest.

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