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3rd Round: No Time For Heroics

Championships are won in the “mid-rounds.” That is a tried-and-true statement to live by in the world of fantasy football.

What do I have against the first and second rounds? Nothing, it’s just that most of these players are projected for similar big numbers and the opinions of owners on them are pretty straight forward.

Many championships are won in Rounds 3-9 where a person can really make great strides in value. Value is the term for how well a player does relative to where you draft him. This is why the mid-rounds are the most important because it is where the majority of your breakout players come from.

“Mid-round” breakouts can come from young unproven talent that is on their way up but not proven enough yet to be in the early picks, or it can come from veterans that for different reasons (injury or age usually) have been pushed down from the top.

Find the players in these rounds that are going stake or re-stake their positions at the top of fantasy football this year and you are well on your way to a championship. Just as important, however, is avoiding those that are overhyped and do not belong in these rounds.

Today we will look at the players that according to current average draft position (ADP) are going from picks 25-36. In a 12-team league this is the third round, which is the beginning of the “mid-rounds.” This is the first pick that will really set the tone for your draft. Just how valuable are the following players are in accordance to their ADP?

ADP 25:
Peyton Manning

I agree with many of the experts this year that you can wait on the quarterback position. The only exception would be two quarterback leagues. If you are interested in a quarterback in this round and have this need, the third round is a great place to land Manning.

Denver gave him
Wes Welker
Montee Ball
to throw in his toy box which already includes Demaryius Thomas and
Eric Decker
. This will produce many fantasy points in the mile high playground this year.

As stated before, I will not be joining you in selecting a quarterback in Round 3, but if you are going to do this then this is a good place to get him. He will not be around in Round 4, so grab him now.

ADP 26:
Larry Fitzgerald

I am very high on Fitzgerald this year. The third round is perfect for a wide receiver. I believe he is in a tier by himself after the Big 5 in Tier 2 ahead of the rest in Tier 4. So I give you an emphatic “Yes!” Steal him in this round.

If any of the wide receivers with higher ADPs are available, you have to take them, of course, but don’t be surprised if he outperforms many of them.

Carson Palmer
is not a Pro Bowler anymore but he is a vast improvement over anything Fitzgerald has seen in the last few years and Fitzgerald is still in his prime. We will see a return of
Larry Fitzgerald
this season. Grab him with confidence in this round.

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