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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 8

This week is all about trust. Who can you trust to deliver solid production? I found some players who are being trusted in their offense and you should trust them as well and add them to your roster. Let’s dive in!

5 Up

1) Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay – Remember a few years ago when James Jones was the guy Aaron Rodgers trusted? After being consistently healthy this season, Adams might be heading down that path. Rodgers was looking for him in clutch situations, especially in the red zone. He had 13 catches for 132 yards. Adams’ two touchdowns were from 4 yards and 5 yards out, which means Rodgers knew he could trust him to make the play. It might be time to invest before he becomes a consistent threat.

2) Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans – He was part of “5 Up” last week and then once again exploded against tough Kansas City. Ten catches for 130 yards for Thomas on Sunday. He is the possession receiver that Drew Brees needs in this offense. He is just a rookie but has already earned the trust of the Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees, which is very impressive. You need to jump on that train as he continues to get better.

3) Jack Doyle, TE, Indianapolis – He has been outstanding all season and proved his worth against Tennessee. Andrew Luck was missing Donte Moncrief, Dwayne Allen, Phillip Dorsett and trusted Jack Doyle for third downs and much needed plays. He has looked like a great receiving tight and should be added to your roster if you need solid tight end production.

4) Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota – Minnesota’s coaching staff has finally found a niche for Patterson in the offense. The last two weeks, he has 11 catches, 106 yards, and most importantly two touchdowns. It looks like team management and coaches have finally found some trust in Patterson after not being able to figure out his role in the offense for the last few years.

5) Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay needed a player to lean on in the running after several injuries depleted the position. The team has entrusted its balanced offense attack with the running of Rodgers. He has racked up 255 rushing yards the past two weeks and has proven himself a worthy pickup for teams that need running back help.

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