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5 Reasons To Go IDP

The use of Individual Defensive Players (IDP) in fantasy football has increased dramatically over the last few years. I’ve been playing fantasy football for almost two decades, but only turned on the IDP switch a few years ago. Using IDP has added so much to my fantasy football experience that most leagues I play in now use IDP. I suppose there could be hundreds of reasons for why this move to IDP has occurred, but I’ve narrowed it down to five reasons as to why it has had such an impact on “my game.”

1. Why leave out some of the top players in the NFL? Guys like Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, Patrick Willis and Jon Beason all play integral parts of NFL games, so why aren’t they having an impact on your fantasy football league? Granted its exciting watching your wide receiver haul in a 30-yard touchdown, but you’d get the same adrenalin rush watching Allen taking down Aaron Rodgers for his second sack of the day. Basically, you’re doubling the excitement factor with IDP.

2. Who doesn’t like trading? Many people feel the trading aspect of fantasy football is as exciting as gameday itself. The rush of pulling off the perfectly executed trade can’t be ignored. Now let’s imagine a league starting nine offensive players and one team defense. It’s fun and there will be some trading, but now lets imagine the same league and you replace that team defense with up to 11 starting IDP. Now you have some serious trading fuel. Twice the players available for trade with values ranging from very little (cornerbacks) to extremely valuable (top running backs).

3. Quick … name the starting defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs for all the teams in the AFC West. Chances are that unless you are a football freak or you use IDP in your fantasy league you will have no chance answering that question.  Using IDP is a great way to get to know the players that make up our beloved NFL. 


4. How about getting to know a little more about this game of football? When the announcers start talking about 3-4 defenses, ‘sam’ linebackers,

2 or other defensive schemes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a clue what they’re talking about?  Using IDP forces you to learn more about the defensive side of the ball. Believe me – there is a ton of value difference between a 3-4 defensive end and a 4-3 defensive end. Also, you might pray that your stud weakside linebacker doesn’t get moved to the strongside linebacker position in the offseason … ouch.

5. Who’s up for a good challenge? If you’ve been playing fantasy football for a while maybe its time to take the next step. Why limit yourself to just half of the game? Using IDP offers a wide variety of mind-numbing angles to look at. If you’re like me then conquering another challenge such as using IDP can be very rewarding and quite fun. 

Playing fantasy football in any format is great, and there is nothing wrong with the traditional offensive player lineups, but then again there is nothing wrong with traditional analog television. Maybe its time to step up and play fantasy football in full 1080p high-definition and see what you’ve been missing.

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