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5 Simple Draft Tips

These are some simple tips that many people fail to notice or take advantage of. Following these simple tips could pay huge dividends in how good your team is when you are finished drafting.

Plan your first pick

Many people try to plan their whole draft, which you should not do, but you should plan who you are going to take in the first round. Make your own rankings so you know who you are going to take right away when your pick comes up in the first round whether you know what pick you will have well ahead of time or if it was generated randomly right before the draft. Take the player you deem the best then draft accordingly for the remaining rounds. For example you think
Aaron Rodgers
should be your first pick, you should plan on taking running backs with your next two picks. You think
Calvin Johnson
is worthy of your first round pick, you should look into getting your running backs and quarterback soon after.

Look at the other teams’ rosters before you pick

Most leagues reverse the draft order each round. If you pick towards the end of the round, you have two picks close together. There might only be one or two people drafting in between your two picks. Look at their rosters before you make your pick. Look at what positions they need or already have drafted and take the player that you both need first and the one they do not need second. For example, you are looking for a quarterback and a wide receiver. You look at the two rosters that will be drafting in between your two draft picks and see that both teams have their quarterback already. Take the wide receiver first and your quarterback you wanted in all likelihood will still be there when that second pick comes along.

Know your opponents’ likes and dislikes

If you have been playing in a league for a while, you know who your leaguemates like and dislike. This can help you predict who is going to be drafted early or who might plummet down the draft board.

Have multiple options ready when waiting for your pick

Many online drafts allow you to keep players you’re interested in a box. Try at all times to keep at least five players in there as options for your next pick at all times. Many people panic and let the clock almost run out or do let it run out on their pick because the one guy they wanted got picked one pick before they were up to draft. By having multiple options, you will not be rushing through the player list looking for someone to draft while the clock is ticking down on you.

Do not plan your draft

Like I said in tip one, you should not plan out your entire draft because too many things could happen. For instance, your plan is to go running back, running back, quarterback to start your draft, but in the draft your league went quarterback heavy early and
Tony Romo
is the highest-rated quarterback in the third round, but
Greg Jennings
fell to the third round. The point is there might be enough value at the position you planned to take, but great value at another. Watch and react to what is happening. Do not just stick to your plan because it leads you to taking players way too early while better players are still available.

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