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5 Up/5 Down – Divisional Weekend

It must have been the shoes. If you were to have made a daily fantasy lineup with my 5-Up from Wildcard Weekend, you would have ended up with around 138 points. Last week was a very productive week for 5 Up/5 Down in the fantasy column along with 4-0 in the game predictions. The day I wrote the column I was wearing blue Nike shoes with black stripes.

Today, I’m not wearing any shoes and just socks with holes in them as I sit comfortably on my couch writing this article. Hopefully, this won’t make a difference and I can provide you with more quality information for this upcoming Divisional Round of playoff action. Let’s Dive In!


Saturday – 4:35 (CBS)

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots


This game rides so much on the health of players. For the Chiefs, Jeremy Maclin might be out, which is the only true wide receiver threat on this team. The Patriots have a slew of injuries on the offensive side of the ball at offensive line and wide receiver. If Julian Edelman isn’t 100% for the Patriots, this takes a big element away from the passing attack. The Chiefs have won 11 straight games and the Patriots have lost 4 of their last 6 games.


5 Up

Kansas City Chiefs – Travis Kelce (TE)

The passing offense will run through Kelce this weekend. I assume Bill Belichick has already come up with a game plan to keep Kelce at bay, but Andy Reid is no slouch. Reid is very creative and will look to incorporate new ways to get Travis Kelce the football. The running attack will be crucial, but without a passing attack, this game will take a momentum swing towards the Patriots quickly.


New England Patriots – Danny Amendola (WR) and Rob Gronkowski (TE)

Obviously, you are looking to Gronk to make plays in this game. Surprisingly enough, the Chiefs have shown to be a strong team against tight ends this season with solid defensive efforts against Antonio Gates twice, Gary Barnidge, and Tyler Eifert during the regular season. I understand Gronk is his own animal, but the Chiefs have people in place to take on the challenge. Amendola on the other hand will need to have a very good game to help this Patriots offense. He should be looked upon often as the receiver with the most 1-on-1 coverage to take advantage of during this game. Steven Jackson also intrigues me as he is very well rested heading into this game. If you think the Patriots are winning this game, you take these two as game-breakers for New England


5 Down

Kansas City Chiefs – Alex Smith (QB)

Ryan Fitzpatrick had 296 yards, 3 touchdowns and Ryan Tannehill threw for 350 yards, 2 TD in the last two games for the Patriots. Their defense is hurting!” I read this online a couple of days ago and I agree with the comment. The Patriots are limping into the playoffs and seem ripe for the picking. This does not mean that Alex Smith is going to have a great statistical game. He has only thrown for over 250 yards in 6 games this season. Don’t get too excited about the matchup and forget the player you are dealing with and what he is capable of in a statistical sense.


New England Patriots –  James White (RB)

They didn’t trust him enough heading into the playoffs to not sign another running back. Steven Jackson will see more opportunities than James White in this game.


Game Prediction:

Kansas City Chiefs – 23

New England Patriots – 20

I had a difficult time predicting this game. Kansas City may be without Jeremy Maclin, Justin Houston, and Tamba Hali. Will Doug Pederson’s new position as Philadelphia’s head coach hurt his game planning for Kansas City? Is New England healthy? Close game, could go either way, going with the hot team though.

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