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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 12

5 Up

#1 Keenan Allen (WR) Los Angeles Chargers

What a game for Allen with 12 catches, 159 yards, and two touchdowns in the Chargers win over the Bills. We have been waiting for Allen to emerge in the offense and be the player he was before he was injured. Could this be the start of a dazzling 2nd half to the season for Allen?

#2 Ben Roethlisberger (QB) Pittsburgh Steelers

Just when you count a guy out, he plays the Titans’ secondary. The biggest factor in seeing the way Ben played on Thursday was the up-tempo no huddle offense. If they continue to keep that as their consistent attack on offense, Roethlisberger could find some vintage of himself and play well down the stretch.

#3 Kirk Cousins (QB) Washington Redskins

That dude wants to get PAID this offseason! Two straight games against tough defenses and going for over 300-yards in each of them. Teams in need of a quarterback better start getting their checkbooks ready.

#4 Two Headed RB Monster in New Orleans

Can you stop this duo? Mark Ingram looks like the Heisman winner he was at Alabama just pounding and wearing out teams between the tackles. Kamara is the Sproles factor they have missed since he left, just maybe an upgrade over Sproles.

#5 Adam Thielen (WR) Minnesota Vikings

Coming off a bye week, Thielen has looked unstoppable in this offense led by Case Keenum. He has racked up 14 catches, 289 yards, and two touchdowns in the last two weeks. He may be the breakout fantasy star of the season at wide receiver.

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