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5 Up/5 Down – Week 13

Week 12 was phenomenal for 5 Up/5 Down. Last week 5 Up included Doug Baldwin (38 pts), Allen Robinson (16 pts), and three that play on Monday night. 5 Down included Drew Brees (7 pts), Lamar Miller (4 pts), Matt Ryan (9 pts), and Dez Bryant (4 pts).

Let’s continue the success into this week as the playoffs draw even closer and fantasy glory is upon you!


5 Up


1) Vance McDonald (TE) San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco TE Vance McDonald.

Jimmy Graham is out for the season and you need a player quickly that can provide some scoring from the tight end position. McDonald has scored 16 and 17 points over the last two games. He should see plenty of targets and opportunities down the stretch starting against the Bears in Week 13.


2) Brandon Marshall (WR) New York Jets – Marshall had 9 catches, 131 yards, 2 TDs against the Dolphins last week. It was an unbelievable game from a so-called “aging veteran.” He’ll do it again in Week 13 as he’ll put up another solid line against a Giants secondary that can’t contain anyone in the opposition’s passing game. Expect a high scoring game.


3) Matt Hasselbeck (QB) Indianapolis Colts – If you are in need of some consistent play or help at quarterback due to injuries, Hasselbeck can provide some help for Week 13. He plays the Steelers who have struggled to stop the pass lately, especially speedy wide receivers. Which brings me to my next player…


4) T.Y. Hilton (WR) Indianapolis Colts – T.Y. put up 27 points and looks healthier than he has all season. The Steelers have struggled against other teams’ #1 wideout/speed wide receiver, which Hilton is both. Look for him to have another nice game on Sunday Night.


5) Alex Smith (QB) Kansas City Chiefs – He is a game managing quarterback yes, but he is consistent. He averages around 15 points a game and plays an Oakland team in Week 13 that gives up plenty of passing yardage to opposing quarterbacks. In case of injuries or in need of a spot starter, look for Smith to be a very solid play in Week 13.


*Start of Christmas Season Bonus*


Thomas Rawls (RB) Seattle Seahawks – As colleague and genius Jim Bukowski was telling us in the offseason (Dan, thanks. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. Here’s a link to what I said back in June), Rawls was the guy behind Lynch to have stashed on your fantasy team. That has come true this year as Lynch has been missing time due to injury and Rawls is ‘The Man’ in Seattle. He faces a Vikings defense that has struggled to stop the run game.

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