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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 14

5 Up

#1 Rex Burkhead (RB) New England Patriots

Bill Belichick usually rotates his running backs and makes it difficult for fantasy owners to pinpoint one to use on a consistent basis. I think he has finally chose one for his down the stretch run into the playoffs. Burkhead can be weapon out of the backfield as a catcher or can be a slot receiver against linebackers as a mismatch.

#2 Alex Collins (RB) Baltimore Ravens

The offense is clicking for the Baltimore Ravens and Alex Collins is the driving force. He is creating the run game that Flacco needs to be effective. I expect him to have continued success as the Ravens have a very easy schedule down the last few weeks of the season.

#3 Jamaal Williams (RB) Green Bay Packers

A healthy Jamaal Williams has paid dividends for this Packer offense. It has helped Hundley get more comfortable and created big play opportunities. He seems to be the feature back at this point in the offense and should be picked up as the Packers will ride his hot hand.

#4 Alfred Morris (RB) Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ offense finally got its groove back because it found a running game. Morris showed flashes of his glory days in Washington against his former team. I expect Scott Linehan and the Cowboys to start using him more to try and salvage the season.

#5 David Njoku (TE) Cleveland Browns

The Browns recently discovered they have a very talented athletic tight end on their team that deserves more opportunities. Njoku has been an important part of the gameplan the past two weeks and should see heavy looks that last few weeks of the season. The Browns are hoping to not have the perfect season and it will take great games from their playmakers to make that achievable.

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