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5 Up/5 Down – Week 14

Last week’s 5-Up gave you a heads-up on big days from Brandon Marshall (31 pts), Alex Smith (25 pts), and Thomas Rawls (19 pts). 5-Down warned you about Philip Rivers (6 pts) and Todd Gurley (4 pts). Week 14 may be the start of your playoffs so let’s get some talent and win!


5 Up


  1. Shaun Draughn (RB) San Francisco 49ers – Filling in for Carlos Hyde, he has put up 12 pts, 15 pts, 13 pts, and 19 pts over the last four weeks. I’m not sure that Hyde plays next week after missing the last four games, but if he does play, either one will be a great play against an emotionally drained Cleveland Browns team who cannot stop anybody in the run game.


  1. Doug Baldwin (WR) Seattle Seahawks – Here is Baldwin’s production over the last 4 weeks: 26, 12, 38, 26. I foretold readers he would have a big outing in Week 12 and he went off for 38 points. Seattle needed someone to step up in the passing game and he has risen to the occasion, especially with Jimmy Graham out for the year. He will have continued success next week against the deflated Baltimore Ravens.


  1. DeVante Parker (WR) Miami Dolphins – Finally healthy, he’s seeing plenty of snaps and has shown some flare. He has scored 18 pts and 15 pts in back-to-back weeks and will play the soft Giants secondary this week. He’s also a worthy pickup in dynasty leagues moving forward.


  1. Jameis Winston (QB) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – He is playing out of his mind right now as a rookie. He goes up against the Saints who are coming off a tough loss against the Panthers and will find it hard to get up for this game on the road in Tampa. The Saints’ secondary has let them down week after week and expect the same this coming week. This also means good things for Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.


  1. Alfred Morris/Matt Jones (RB) Washington Redskins – Most people probably dropped Morris after a slow start to the season, but he might be making a resurgence for the end of the season. I put Matt Jones in here because if Morris gets hurt or the Redskins go back to him after this Monday night game. Either way, I like their matchup against the Bears next weekend in a possible high-scoring game between them.


*Start of Christmas Season Bonus*


  1. Charles Clay (TE) Buffalo Bills
    Buffalo TE Charles Clay.

    Tyrod Taylor is playing pretty well and Clay is his #2 target in the red zone.


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