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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 15

It is playoff time in most fantasy league formats which means your hard work has come down to the next few weeks! Let’s dive in!

5 Up

1) Tyreek Hill (WR) Kansas City Chiefs – Andy Reid has needed an explosive player to make the offense more unpredictable and lethal. I believe he has found the solution with Tyreek Hill. He is a big-play machine and could be a stud down the stretch during fantasy playoffs. He starts with a weak Titans’ secondary and overall defense.

2) Bilal Powell (RB) New York Jets – With the Jets examining their roster to start their rebuild process this offseason, they want to examine their younger players. Bilal Powell is a player they need to see and decide if he is worth keeping around as a possible feature back on the 2017 Jets roster. He will see plenty of touches as they face a Miami team possibly phoning it in with Ryan Tannehill likely out for the season.

3) Tyrod Taylor (QB) Buffalo Bills – He is playing to stay as the franchise quarterback in Buffalo. What better way to do that than to play the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. He has the potential to finish the season very well. If you desperately need a QB or QB2, he is definitely worth a shot.

4) Dontrelle Inman (WR) San Diego Chargers – The Chargers get to play spoiler next week and hand the Raiders a second straight loss. Recently, Philip Rivers has looked to Dontrelle Inman as a bigger part of the passing offense. Inman is a free agent this offseason and the Chargers need to evaluate if he is worth keeping. He needs to play well to get a payday this offseason as well.

5) Charles Clay (TE) Buffalo Bills – Tight end production can be difficult to find this time of year and Clay may be your best option to get some quick production. He faces a very poor Cleveland team next week right after Tyler Eifert just destroyed them. If you need help at tight end, Charles Clay is your best bet.

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