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$60 Million Reasons to Draft D-Mac

As the draft approaches one must consider which position will focus on points for your team, for myself, I have always had success with a tandem of great running backs and sub-par wide receivers. But experts will tell you to draft running backs in the first and/or second round. This years draft is loaded with immense running backs from the likes of L.T. and last years rookie sensation, Adrian Peterson. This year is no different, but the spotlight will be on which running back will have the A-Train like numbers? Which rookie running back will surpass the mark of superiority? And which running back is the key ingredient to winning the fantasy football trophy? To answer these questions you must look no further at the running back from Arkansas, no, not Felix Jones, but, Darren McFadden A.K.A. D-Mac.

His last year at Arkansas he rushed for 1,647 yards with 12 touchdowns, caught 149 yards in the air and threw for 3 touchdowns. McFadden has all the abilities to control the tempo of the game and bull rush his way into the end zone. But I do have concerns when I study this razorback. My first concern is his inability to break tackles. In college he was able to cut around the holes and jump to either side of the field to avoid the interior line of the defense. My second concern would be his sturdiness. During his college career he always had his �break back� Felix Jones, which had an impressive thousand yard career as well. Can Darren pull the load? My final concern would be the fans expectations of him to put up Adrian Peterson�s first year numbers. Who can remember that happening twice in a row from a rookie to another rookie?

But what impresses me about this running back is his ability to get to the outside and find the open space, once he is lose, 90% of the defensive backs will NOT be able to wrangle the boss hog. Another skill he possesses is his hands. McFadden showed that he can pull the ball from the air and pick up yards after the catch. In the NFL today a running back must be a duo threat back to have any success on the field. Unlike most second tier running backs, Darren breaths competitive defenses. As he showed in the game against LSU last year, he took over the game and not only leading his team to victory on the ground and in the air, but really showed how great of an all a round player that he is.

With all of these uncertainties I would still place Darren into the elite club of running backs. Some view him as Reggie Bush, but others view him as the next Brian Westbrook. I would closely watch him grow at the mini camps and pre-season games before pulling the trigger on a first or even a second round pick. Regardless of what round he is selected, McFadden will truly perform like a rookie running back, average or great, I think he is still worth a spot on your fantasy team.

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