Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

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TAKING THE PLUNGE: How To Maneuver An Auction Draft

10 dollar bill

Doing your first auction draft is kind of like the first time you jumped into the deep end of the pool. You've heard about it, everyone who's done it seems to really like it - but then you look at this intimidating thing with suspicion and doubt and think "ya know, I was just fine in the shallow end. Why go over there?"

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The Patriots have added depth to the defensive line and employ a veteran staff in the secondary. The Jets, Dolphins and Bills are all starting second-year quarterbacks and with little support around them, the Patriots defense will feast on the young signal callers in 2019.

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TE O.J. Howard TB

In Part 2 of my eight-part series into fantasy football’s breakout stars for 2019, it’s time to tackle what could very well be the equivalent of nature’s bountiful bliss for fantasy purposes – the NFC South. In many regards, the NFC South boasts some of the biggest names in fantasy football -- period.

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FANTASY SLEEPERS: Six Wide Receivers To Target

WR Christian Kirk ARI & CB Casey Hayward LAC

It seems that every year fantasy owners are looking for a few wide receiver names to stash away on the back of their cheatsheets. You know the type of players I’m talking about ... young, speedy second- or third-year guys who are ready to break out ... provided that a little bit of luck comes their way.

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