Monday - Jul 13, 2020

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RANKINGS: Dynasty League Rookies


This is our current list of rookies and our player ranking for your upcoming dynasty league rookie drafts. We list them in projected career order but also weight positions by overall position scarcity. For example, while we actually have Joe ...

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IDP RANKINGS: 2020 Rookie Class

DE Chase Young WAS

The 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone. It was an odd affair hosted from Roger Goodell’s basement that contained a number of puzzling picks and moments — chief among them whatever the heck was going on at Tennessee Titans ...

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HOME BASE: April Updates


It's been a few days since I've posted here. I got bogged down with the NFL Draft and all that means after the fact. We've been busy updating player databases, depth charts, assigning players further sub-positions (like making a DB a CB, FS or SS) and generally getting the player universe all tidied up for the launch of the 2020 fantasy season.

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RANKINGS: 2020 Rookies in Redraft Leagues

Fantasy Football Draft

We’ll follow up with the all-important rookies for dynasty leagues list, but for redraft leagues we’ve put this together for you. Each player is assigned a value that we calculate using our evaluation algorithm, which produces a players expected fantasy ...

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NFL DRAFT: Fantasy Fallout – Day 1

QB Joe Burrow CIN

In a move that shocked no one, the Bengals got their franchise QB. While it is not enough to immediately make A.J. Green & Joe Mixon first round picks in fantasy drafts, their value has gone up a bit. As far as Andy Dalton's future, he should only be drafted by people who also got Burrow, just in case Burrow gets hurt.

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NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft – Round 2

Roger Goodell NFL Draft

The Bengals got their guy on the offensive side of the ball and now they can make out like bandits and get one of the best O-Line prospects in the draft to help protect him. Isaiah Wilson can immediately slide in to replace Cody Glenn and will be just as good as Glenn was.

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NFL DRAFT: Mock Draft – Round 1


While I do not have to sit in an airport to get to the NFL draft this year, I did still sketch out two rounds, here is Round 1. Keep in mind, these are picks based on rumors, where players have made visits and other general information based on team needs. Enjoy!

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