Monday - Jul 22, 2019

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The Prognosticator – Wildcard Weekend Edition

The Cardinals have Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and this is where home field advantage will play such a pivotal role for the Cardinals.  The Cardinals have to be indoors or in good weather to have a chance against anyone in the NFL.  The Lions vs. the Cardinals in a mud bowl with 40-50 MPH Winds?  I'll take the Lions. The Cardinals have arguably the best passing offense in the NFL and that will show in the friendly Arizona weather as they match Michael Turner with scores of their own.  In the end, it's a lot easier to get the 3 or 7 you need to win the game throwing the ball than running it as to manage the clock on a winning drive, you have to throw the ball.  Big advantage, Arizona.

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Complete Fantasy Playoff Analysis

For those that are in playoff pools and have fantasy drafts this week, I have come up with some notes and strategies that can help you win it all. Who will be one and done? What teams have the potential to play the most games? How does the bye affect the stock of some players? Check out a full fantasy breakdown ...

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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 17

Happy New Year! The Virgin part of the program has now been replaced with prognostication. Oh how much the time flies by. May 2009 bring to you everything that goals and achievement reward. For most it will be a time of waiting. Everyone seems to be waiting these days.

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Pat Smith wins Great White Shark League

Pat_Smith bested Choo, both long time forum members here at in the Great White Shark League our top league here at FantasySharks.  The Great White Shark League is comprised of just champions that have to prove themselves in the lower tiered shark leagues before being elevated to the very top. 

Our two Whale Shark league champions who are the next rung down were Maki's Marauders and Agenda42.  We'll see you next year in the Great White Shark League.  In addition, the two Total Points winners move up as well and they were Executioner and Aussie Cowboy makes his way back to the Great White Shark League.  Congratulations to all Shark League champions and Total Points winners as you're moving up next year to a higher class of competition.  Can you keep it going?

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