Sunday - Apr 21, 2019

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Notable Numbers – Week 1

One isn’t a trend, so you have to be careful in looking at performances in the opening week. This also means I can’t call this a weekly segment, so here are some numerical observations in the first and as-yet only installment of the potentially weekly Notable Numbers.

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JL’s Week One Observation Deck

There really is nothing like the excitement of the NFL's opening week. I am going to review the most important fantasy implications of the week's outcomes and tell you some things you will definitely need to know going forward.

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Week 1 Fantasy Points Left on the Field

Much like NFL teams leave points on the field by coming up just short of scoring on a given play, fantasy teams suffer similar fates when players come up short on the field. These fantasy points left on the field are important to realize because it shows the amount of points a particular player had the potential to score. The focus here will be on near-TDs from inside the redzone concerning fantasy-relevant players, but will also include some missed opportunities from outside the redzone as well.

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On the Rise, On the Fall

Just like the stock market, NFL players' production goes up and down. After one week of play, many players performed at their highest level while others did not play up to their potential. Injuries greatly affected Week 1 and that played a large part in this week's On the Rise, On the Fall.

Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers : No Steve Smith, no problem for Delhomme in Week 1. There were some questions regarding the health of Delhomme entering the season after he underwent surgery last year. He answered some of those questions Sunday, leading the Panthers to a hard-fought road victory in San Diego without one of the best receivers in the game, Steve Smith.

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The Rookie Report: Week 1 Recap

Welcome everyone to the first regular season installment to the 2008 Rookie Report. Each week during the regular season, the report will cover trends, news items and analysis of notable performances by the NFL’s 2008 Rookie Class to assist in your pursuit of dynasty championship gold.

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Week One in Review

Welcome to the Week in Review column on in which I will be discussing the previous week’s NFL action. This article highlights the best and worst performers of the week, along with a waiver and shocker of the week. So strap yourself in and enjoy the season.

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Bye-Bye Brady

Hear that? It’s the sound of me eating my words. Last month, I wrote an article that explained why ‘history’ shouldn’t be used as a reason to discount Tom Brady’s chances for another monster season. Well, Brady is done for the year (man, it feels weird to be writing that sentence). In the fantasy community, Tom will be lumped in with Manning, Marino and Warner; he’ll be seen as a victim of the 40+ TD hangover.

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