Tuesday - Jun 18, 2019

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A Shark’s Eye View: The Clowns Are Back

Some people cried 'Super Bowl' preseason, others shouted 'bust.' One of the offseason's most talked about teams was the Browns and the opinions on how they'd do couldn't have varied much more than they did. Well, we're two weeks deep and the writing on the wall is getting to bet a bit more clear ...

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What do I know? Heading into Week 3

Starting this week, I want to share with you some of my obvious and not so obvious observations of the NFL.   While I claim to know some things, the reality is I know nothing so this information is to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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Week 3 in Survivor Pools

I broke a rule by taking a road team last week, but it was the only game I felt confident in taking. It proved so as Seattle could not beat San Francisco at home, which knocked out a good amount of people in pools.

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Start/Bench List 2008 Week 3

First the Chargers and the Broncos light up the scoreboard on Sunday only to be followed by 78 points of awesomeness on Monday night. What a great weekend to play fantasy football. Look for more fireworks in week three as Indy, Green Bay, Detroit, Denver and New Orleans all attack the friendly skies torturing secondaries across the country.

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