Wednesday - Dec 11, 2019

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Against the Odds – Week 13

Vinnie likes three AFC teams on the road this week, each significantly better than its opponent up to this point in the season. After stuffing yourself with turkey or whatever you eat on Thanksgiving, enjoy watching football this weekend ... and be sure to give somebody a hug from Vinnie.

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The Prognosticator – Week 13

The Chargers are struggling to put anything together and it points back to the offensive line and a secondary that is leaking yardage.  With Antonio Gates out in a pattern, the line needs to handle all the pass blocking and the guys that surround Phillip Rivers in the backfield just aren't as good as the guys that were there last year.  The Chargers have lost some talent over the last year or two that they havnen't been able to make up for.  Don't look for a lot of points from your Chargers though they'll do well enough up top to warrant a look at Antonio Gates.  Not that you'd have him benched of course.

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Start/Bench list 2008 Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May the joy you receive from your second helping of pumpkin pie only be surpassed by the mountain of fantasy points your team scores on this glorious holiday weekend. These next two weeks will determine the playoff teams in most leagues. Don't over-think the matchups. Remember, your studs brought you this far. Let them take you the rest of the way.

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Games to Watch – Week 13

The guys serve up a Thanksgiving platter of NFL deliciousness with this week’s "Games to Watch". They manage to cook up a fine trio of match-ups you aren’t going to want to miss, using their own very special recipe. So stuff yourselves into that easy-chair, you turkeys, while the guys dish out everything you wanted to know about football; the added info on Black Friday gift ideas, tryptophan, and the Beverly Hillbillies is just gravy.

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The Sunday-through-Tuesday Waiver Argument

In this edition of the Commissioner’s Perspective, I want to delve into a controversial league setting that creates two completely different types of leagues depending on how it’s set. Yes my friends, today we’re going to argue about Sunday-through-Tuesday waivers. Why now when we’re soon heading into the fantasy playoffs and it’s a moot point for this year you ask? The reason is because Sunday-though-Tuesday waivers might be deciding who’s winning your leagues, and it’s never too early to think about next year.

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