Thursday - Feb 27, 2020

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New Interactive Lineup Tool Launched

Just in time for the fantasy playoffs, today marks the launch of the new interactive Who Sharks Are Starting. From the R&D division of the Stat Lab, Who Sharks Are Starting' looks at the thousands of individual lineup decisions made in the over 400 teams in the official and community leagues here at Throughout each day, live lineups are downloaded and compiled to provide up-to-date player rankings. Unlike anything else you can find online, this is current lineup advice straight from the people in the FantasySharks community you already trust to help decide who to start.

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The Rookie Report

Welcome everyone to the Week 12 installment to the 2008 Rookie Report. Each week during the regular season, the report will cover trends, news items and analysis of notable performances by the NFL’s 2008 Rookie Class to assist in your pursuit of dynasty championship gold.

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Yeah, We’re Talking About Playoffs!

The playoffs are coming and it’s time to check out what players will be shining and who will disappoint. Should you be worried that your star player will be rested in the final weeks? Find the answer to that question and seven more in this week’s special edition playoff column …

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Week 12 – Survivor Pools

My two main picks in the Dolphins and Panthers both won last week. Miami came away with another close win against an inferior opponent, but got the job done in the end. My third option, the Eagles, which I was wary of, tied the Bengals. This is an odd occurrence, but in most survivor pools, it should be counted as an elimination since they did not advance. I continue to stress to beware of the road teams! Abide by the rules and you should stay alive. There are just six weeks left in the regular season so check out my Week 12 analysis …

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Fair Weathered Friend

Weather can dominate an NFL contest like the nothing else. Being a playoff-caliber team and challenging for your title means that you must check the weather reports to ensure that your starts are the right ones. A defense in a monsoon- or mud-covered field can be your best friend, while a receiver in the same game can be a disastrous mistake.

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