Friday - Nov 22, 2019

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Rookie RB Rx for Redrafts

Last month in the Stat Lab we saw how opportunity does or doesn’t translate into success for rookie runningbacks. It’s getting near draft time, which means it’s time to put our ideas to work. In this edition of the Stat Lab, we’ll build on the facts, and offer my prescriptions for the rookie class in redrafts with an eye towards opportunity.

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Fantasy News of the Week- 7/28

Bush's confidence, Harrison's return, Sorgi's takeover, Sheppard & Samuel's issues, Atlanta's quarterback battle, and a new feature called Camp Quotes headline this week's fantasy news.  Plus, one of the biggest Shark News Rundown yet!  See it all in this week's edition. 

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Doing With What You’ve Touched

Ahmad Bradshaw at #1, MJD at #2, Adrian Peterson #3, LT #4, followed by Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs at #5 and #6. Any guess as to what these rankings are based on? An insane Giants fan’s draft board? Maybe the first six picks in the annual Southwest Virginia Regional Jail draft? Here we’re having a look at RB production from 2005 to 2007, specifically, fantasy points per touch.

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Early Season Defense Talk

Before we begin, let me just say that I hated the idea of talking about defenses.  Not because it is early, but just talking about defense in general.  Even on draft day, I'm the guy that waits until the last two rounds of the draft to grab a couple of the remaining defenses...

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Don’t Miss The Boat On These Quarterbacks

Jump on board and get a great QB2 with QB1 upside. These three quarterbacks can be had fairly cheap, and they all three have the potential and opportunity to help you bring home the prize at the end of the season. If you decide to play the waiting game on your QB, these are the guys to target.

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Big Names / New Homes – Podcast

The "Big Names / New Homes" Podcast - a special pre-season edition of FantasySharks 'Week in Review' podcast!
 During the season, the Week in Review Podcast is available here weekly for your listening enjoyment. In this special preason podcast, the guys run down the big name players that changed teams in the offseason and how they think they'll do in their new digs.

Click here to download the "Big Names / New Homes" podcast, and don't forget to subscribe to the FantasySharks Week in Review Podcast at the same location!

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