Monday - Dec 9, 2019

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A Few Do’s

I have been playing fantasy football for the better part of 12 seasons and have come to value the following recommendations.   I believe these will make the greatest impact on your fantasy football success and enjoyment. My goal is to share this information with the newcomers to fantasy football who might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of information to absorb.   On with the Do list...

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Fantasy News of the Week- 6/22

Are you a Matt Forte believer?  Which Miami receiver will step up his game in 2008? Can JaMarcus Russell succeed with little talent at wide receiver?  Who will back-up Terrell Owens in Dallas?  Is Matt Leinart ever going to get better?  Is the Panther's newest running back going to be ready for training camp?  Who's this Ealy kid making waves in Tennessee?  And of course, who will be featured in the "Shark Attack" News Rundown? 

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Opportunity Knocks

Every year a new crop of runningbacks join the NFL and another group plays musical stadiums, leaving fantasy owners guessing about what to expect. This creates questions around guys like Willie Parker, Marion Barber, and others with new blood among their ranks. In this edition of the Stat Lab, we’ll look at conventional wisdom and current draft trends to find out just how much fantasy owners and established veterans need to worry when new guys come to town.

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Fantasy News of the Week- 6/17

In this week's edition of fantasy news you'll find Giant headaches, Quinn's will to win, Faulk coaching Gore, a new receiver on the rise in Tennessee, Caldwell vs. Simpson with an Ocho Cinco distraction, and a safety named Ndukwe.  Plus, a few stats, and major "shark attack" headlines. 

After a great run in 2007 Cleveland Browns fans have yet another reason to be excited this 2008 NFL season; Brady Quinn.   According to the Beacon Journal Quinn wants to win and wants to lead this team to the Super Bowl, and even though he may be the fan’s choice due to his personal ties, he’s not about to put himself ahead of the team and Derek Anderson. “People can say what they want to say,” Quinn said. “Derek had a good year. I think right now if you talk to coaches and the GM, they say he's the starter going into it"...

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Five Players to Draft, Five to Stay Away From

There are always players who get drafted too early because of the big name and others who are consistent year in and year out. This article examines who to draft and who to keep your distance from. Peyton is about as solid a quarterback as any fantasy owner could ask for. He throws for lots of yards and plenty of touchdowns, while not piling up too many INT’s. He is probably the smartest QB in the game and has a handful of consistent receivers to throw to. Tom Brady will almost certainly not duplicate his ’07 campaign so look for Manning to reclaim the title as best fantasy QB in 2008. I would go after Peyton before Brady in 2008.

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Looking for the next great fantasy situation?

It's getting to that time of year again that we all look forward to.  Pre-season starts it off with some energy from guys who simply will be on the practice squad.

Do yourself a favor this year. Don't think that a guy that looks good in warm ups is going to make a splash in your fantasy league. Below are 10 players that have excellent value as middle to late round picks. Most of them are rookies, and unproven commodities.

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