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A Fellow Shark Issues a Baseball Challenge

I had planned on covering some preseason baseball in this spot, but when a man shows this much passion, I have to let him have his say.

Now you guys have done it!  Retired Air Force Captain Dave C. is not a happy man.  He wants to play in a FantasySharks baseball league and he has issued an open letter to the FantasySharks nation.

First let me tell you a little something about Dave.  He is a Vietnam vet and spent 21 years in the US Air Force (1967-1988).  He met his Dutch wife while stationed in Germany in 1971 and he made her the promise of a lifetime:  if she would stand by him through thick and thin, when he eventually retired, they would move to Holland so that she can enjoy the golden years living near

her rather large family.  Well, 38 years later, he kept that promise and now they live in Holland.

Since, The Corner of Knowledge is dedicated to educating the masses, I have included a map of Holland for those of us that are geographically challenged.

Dave’s e-mail…

“As a fantasy sports addict and a retired Air Force veteran with tons of time on my hands, I have three loves in life:  football, baseball, and…… wife.  Here is the kicker, she knows she is sitting at 3rd base and decided that as long as she is in the top three, she is happy.  Hummm, don’t tell her that internet poker is also in the mix.  Ah, don’t you all wish you had it so good?  As a matter of fact, she is Dutch and when I moved to Holland to enjoy the retired life,  I immediately bought a big screen TV, a plush recliner, a popcorn maker, a small frig to cool down my brew (sits by my recliner) and a satellite dish so I

can see all my favorite sports live, 24 hours per day.  She furnished the rest of the place while I tuned into my favorite games, remote in one hand and a cold brew in the other.  As a fantasy sports addict, I have been to every sports website on planet earth and beyond.  What I have learned is that FantasySharks has the best football website in the universe.  It is the

elite:  Tony can predict more accurately than my Aunt Martha’s crystal ball while the staff and membership are so knowledgeable that I am surprised that the Manning boys don’t visit for some game day advice.

Now, I have to ask myself, a site with so many football experts just yearning for some action during the off-season, why not try your hand at baseball?  Yeah, I know, tradition is tradition, first loves are first loves, why fix it if it ain’t broken?  Well, I am guessing that if Tony and Jim are willing to give fantasy baseball a shot at FantasySharks, I will throw out some chum to see

what bites.  As I learned at Key West during my fishing days, the chum may not bring in the big ones but just might lead to the “catch of the day”.  So, I am throwing out some chum to all you football experts who believe that football is the only sport in the universe.  Do you really want to be a one-headed monster just bursting at the seems for more football, or, would you like to be a two-headed beast just crushing the competition in both football and baseball? 


And now for the challenge!  I am curious to see if the football wizards here at FantasySharks can maintain their winning ways in a game where the ball is batted around the diamond instead of being carried on a rectangle.   I  will offer up to anyone who can beat me:  the wings off of Fitzgerald’s football spikes, a Sharpie from TO’s locker, and one of A-Rod’s high energy syringes

(obtained from his cousin).   As a bonus, if you sign up now, I will throw in the asterisk next to Barry Bonds tainted accomplishments.   Just kidding of course.  The best reward is being crowned the baseball champ at the one and only, FantasySharks.

Let the Sharks out of the tank;  Are you ready for some ………..?”

Dave doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk, as he is coming off a FantasySharks football championship.  A championship that was won at my expense.  Dave and I were in the same division and both finished 7-6, he kept me out of the playoffs by virtue of having scored more points than me, 1,863 to 1,662(I know, not even close).  We split the season series 1-1.  Had the tiebreaker been head-to-head point differential, I would have won.  So, now it’s payback time.  I love Dave’s enthusiasm, but there’s no way he comes into my house and takes home another championship.

If you’d like to be part of the first annual FantasySharks baseball league send me an e-mail at



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