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A Lesson in Trust: David Wilson

Sure, if the New York Giants had their way, they never would have drafted David Wilson in the first place. Reports have never been confirmed, but it’s no secret around the league the Giants were targeting Doug Martin with their first pick in the 2012 draft. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had other plans as they traded in front of the Giants to select Martin. The Giants, caught off-guard, selected Wilson as Day 1 of the draft came to a close. It was not according to plan, but it’s the hand they dealt themselves, and as they always seem to do, they will figure it out.

In early 2012, the Giants made a decision to move on past Brandon Jacobs. Additionally, Ahmad Bradshaw’s contract was set to expire the following year. It was no secret the Giants needed to address the running back position early in the 2012 draft so they could get ‘life beyond Bradshaw’ ready. As it turns out, that back will be Wilson. He did everything he was supposed to do throughout the offseason until the beginning of his first real game. We all remember that fumble, the fumble that caused him to ride the bench for the next several weeks. He would not emerge again until November, and the way he played a chip had developed on his shoulder.  It is difficult to get a read on how rookies used in a limited fashion will project as a feature player, but generally speaking when a runningback puts up the numbers that Wilson did they are successful in the long run.  Enough so that the Giants felt comfortable letting the veteran Bradshaw walk and giving the keys of the running game to Wilson to open 2013.

In typical Giants fashion, they had a quality Plan B in house in Andre Brown, but, common to Brown’s career, he got injured in preseason. This left the job all to Wilson. Only, he went on to one-up his dreadful Week 1 performance of 2012, doubling his fumble total on his way to a second quarter benching. So fantasy owners are left asking, now what? Brown isn’t due back for almost two months, the Giants just signed Brandon Jacobs (who is not a threat to the job), and they still have Da’Rel Scott stashed away.

As it turns out, the job is still all Wilson’s. Sometimes we have a bad day; last Sunday was a really bad one for Wilson. However, are your bad days often repeated? Quickly? Over and over again? Probably (OK, hopefully) not, the next day is a different day; a day to work on being better than the previous day. That’s exactly what Wilson is doing. You bought him with a top-three round pick; you’ve made your bed and now you must sleep in it. If this had happened in Week 6 after five strong performances, what would you be saying about him? Right, he’ll be fine next week. Trust him. If you can’t trust your third round pick, who can you trust? In this game anyway.

Want me to put my money where my mouth?  He’s my Fanduel play of the week.  Skill is a big piece in being successful in football, but so is motivation.  Wilson will be highly motivated to prove all of his naysayers wrong this week.  Now, if he goes out next week and lays another egg? Well … I’ll see you in the comments.


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