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A letter from the Editor – Announcing the Official Opening of the 2005 Season

To our nearly 20,000 members,

On behalf of the entire staff, I am proud to announce the official opening of the 2005 season.

Up until now, we have been sporadically updating the main page, getting our house in order, updating our projections for the year, and assigning tasks to the staff so that you can once again dominate your fantasy football league!

Starting today, we will be updating the front page on a regular basis with new articles. Some outlining the impact players on every team and at every position. Some articles on draft strategy, while others will concentrate on the fringes of the fantasy football world.

I’m sure a few of our long term members have noticed an increase in advertisements this year. We personally want to thank you for that. Because of you, Fantasy Sharks is as popular as ever with companies interested in getting their name out. What does that mean for you? It means that we can continue our tunnel vision dedication of keeping the site entirely FREE to you, while providing the best fantasy football site on the web! No other site gives you the amount of information, humor, and strategy to help you win your league. All completely free.

We are VERY proud of what we’ve created at Fantasy Sharks. Our message boards are by far the best on the web. If you haven’t checked them out in a while you should. It has remained incredibly active during the off season. Check out the forums for who to start, keeper and trade advice. Does your league use IDP? Look no further, we have a crew dedicated to IDP. Looking for a league to join? Check out our community leagues forum. We have many members organizing their Madden leagues through our gaming forum. Anything and everything sports related can be found in the Shark Tank. If you’re looking for the absolute latest fantasy news available, it hits the Main Tank first. Owners dedicated to winning peruse the Main Tank regularly and it should be a daily must on your surfing list. We are humbled every day by the tremendous types of people that join our community on a daily basis.

We look forward to seeing you stop by each and every day. The usual staff suspects are back like The Fantasy Virgin, Vinnie, BetBot, Dolphi/Walls, Ron Anish’s Start/Bench List, Glenn Anderson’s Waiver Wire, Doug Coutts’s unique perspective, and of course Tony Holm himself – The Prognosticator.

Good luck this season!!

Best Regards,

Rob Schare

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