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A little too much passion, perhaps?

25 Ways You Know You Are Too Hooked


With the ever-increasing world of ESPN at-your-service Internet and TV, sports fill our world; there’s no denying that. Sports fans alike can find what they want when they want it. And yes, of course, the “worldwide leader in sports” is there to tell you all you need to know, want to know, and stuff you don’t…all in a 30- or 60-minute constantly repeated cycle.


Some people live and die with every play. They are glued to their seats, watching oh-so-intently with every snap or every pitch. Sports can weave their way into the fabric of a person’s being and cause them mixed emotions depending on the outcome.


A person can stop smoking. A person can stop drinking. Those two things take patience, determination and time. But a person cannot stop watching sports. People love competition, and when professionals who are paid millions do it well, it causes great ecstasy. Sports have such an impact on people.


Anyway, here follows a list of 25 ways you could consider yourself “too much of a fan:”


  1. You tell your buddy you can’t go out to dinner because it’s ESPN Arena Football League Monday night.


  1. You can quote lines from Caddyshack 2.


  1.  You make vacation plans around either the NHL or NBA playoffs.


  1. You listen to Woody Paige more than you listen to your wife.


  1. You have week-long nightmares about that 3rd-and-8 second-quarter interception your team’s quarterback threw.


  1. You make a degrading statement when a kid makes an error at the Little League World Series.


  1. You can name the defending WNBA Champion.


  1. You’ve watched the same SportsCenter four times in a row, trying to spot any errors or differences between the shows.


  1. When someone tells you what year they graduated from college, you can name all four of the Final Four teams from that year.


  1. You know the dates of the next five Super Bowls, but you cannot remember your wedding anniversary.


  1. You get upset when Pete Weber or Norm Duke don’t throw a strike.


  1. You knew that last one was about bowling and not baseball.


  1. You know the school mascot for the smallest school in your home state.


  1. You know which team won the last USFL Championship game.


  1. You have never forgiven George Brett for the pine tar incident.


  1. You can recite Barry Bonds’ home run totals year-by-year since his rookie season.


  1. You know every NASCAR driver currently affiliated with Hendrick Motorsports.


  1. You have told at least three people the difference in taste between a Yankee Hot and a Fenway Frank.


  1. You have a petition in motion pushing for Pete Rose’s nomination to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


  1. You wager money on the World Series of Poker.


  1. You frequently update all the team’s rosters in Madden or MLB video games, and that includes creating players who aren’t in the game.


  1. You have a Fathead hanging in your bedroom.


  1. You know the weather forecasts for all the NFL or MLB games on any given day.



  1. You know the “catchphrases” for at least four SportsCenter anchors.


And finally,


            25. You can stump the Schwab.

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