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A Shark Tale – First time lurkers please read

<begin sappy background music now>

A couple months ago I wandered into the main tank almost by accident. I’ve been looking at the FantasySharks projections for a while now, but never checked out their forum before.

At first it looked like most FF forums. Posts… replies… familiar layout… questionable user names. The usual.

But then I looked closer.

The main tank wasn’t filled with one “Rate my Team” post after the other. There wasn’t a bunch of “Help ME” or “Answer MY question” type posts. The posts subject lines were primarily informative (ie: “MIN lost a pro-bowl OL, be wary of Culpepper in your draft” or “Why Dallas’ Def will be better in the 3-4”). The 10 – 20 registered members who were in the tank at the time weren’t just sitting around waiting for people to answer their posts. They were…..<gulp>….contributing. I know, I know….it sounds crazy, but there it was.

Every time I refreshed the screen, the posts would change. Try it yourself. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

See! I told you! (if you are reading this at 3:00 AM, well….go to bed and try it in the morning).

I thought maybe I just caught it at a busy time since it was during lunch. I tried back later in the week…mid-afternoon…and it was even busier. On Sunday’s when other forums are stagnant, this place is hopping. Again, some of the most informative posts I’d seen in a long time. It was like having an ever changing multitude of FF articles on the same page complete with counter-opinions and full-on debate. Not the “you’re a tool and don’t know nothin’ bout FF” kind of juvenile crap I’ve grown accustomed to in other forums …but actual, thought out, debate.

“Damn, I gotta get in on this” I thought. So I registered. “Hot damn, my name is available!”. (there is some other GridGuru out there …. I know it’s juvenile of me to say, but HE really is a tool)

So I made my first post. Just something quick, answering a WR question if I remember right. Then there it was. I saw it for the first time.

I was Chum.

I’m in a tank full of Sharks (Great Whites, Mako, Hammerheads and something called a Megaladon…I had to look that one up) and I’m Chum. Great.

Here I’m thinking, I’m gonna have a bunch of guys discounting my opinion because of my “rank”. Even though I’ve been doing this FF thing for more years than most (’89) I’m going to have to kowtow to guys that have a greater post count than I.

That wasn’t going to work. Not my style.

But I was soooo wrong. Yea, you might take a little ribbing here and there for being chum (remember, everyone here went through it at some point), but if you bring your FF knowledge to the table and make a contribution to the tank….nobody cares if your chum or not. Your opinion might differ from another members, but that’s the whole point of the tank. Opinions, knowledge and information all in one place. Personally, I embraced my chumness.

Oh…but good luck if you decide your first post is going to be a personal attack on a Great White or other high ranking shark. You can debate, even heatedly….but don’t make it personal. Because, you WILL start a frenzy…and you WILL lose. Not because you’re chum, but because the guys who have made it to that level are guys who have contributed…and contributed…and contributed again. These guys make friends in here. Friends that might have differing opinions on FF issues, But friends that stick up for each other when it becomes personal. Trust me. I’ve seen it. Not pretty.

But you wont be Chum forever.

I’m still working on building some of these friendships myself. At the time I’m writing this I am currently a Blue Shark…getting close to becoming a Mako I think. While I’m doing that I am becoming familiar with my fellow sharks, becoming FF friends with some, gaining trust with others. Hell, I’m just biding my time before I start begging these guys to let me in one of their shark leagues next year.

Now and then I still visit the forum I’ve spent the last few years in. I look at the 3 or 4 new “help me” posts in there…lucky to have a single reply…and just say to myself, “what a waste of time that was”.

There really isn’t any place like the Shark Tank for FF fans. Not just fans. Fanatics.

If you are just lurking right now, but looking for a place that has non-stop advice, information, stats and history (trust me, you have no idea of the extent of knowledge some of these guys have), and FF conversation, this is the place. If you need help with your line-up or trades, that’s okay. The tank has that covered too. Stop lurking. Stop looking. You are home. Welcome to the Tank.

<end sappy background music now>

To the guys (and gals?) that make this place what it is…. continued thanks!

Editor’s Note:  Thanks Gridguru and thanks to all of you!   Every one of you make this place something very special.  To see the entire message thread, click here.

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