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A Shark’s Eye View – Brett Favre: The Savior of New York…


Washington Redski…err, New York Jets went on a well-publicized and frequently talked about spending spree this past offseason. An unexpected playoff run in 2006 with inferior talent led to unrealistic expectations in 2007, which then led to a front office in panic mode come that winter. The 2006 team probably wasn’t as good as its 10-6 record and the 2007 team probably wasn’t as bad as the 4-12 record, but in a media market like

New York it doesn’t matter. A front office feeling the heat pulled out all the stops and spent every available dollar they had to pick up as many free agents as they could; basically telling the coaching staff, ‘well, here’s the talent you needed, now win with it or get out of town.’ It was a brilliant move by a front office that hopes to retain their employment, but very reckless as far as fielding a quality on-the-field product. Yes, some free agents/buy low trades pan out, but how often have you seen the team that targets the highest-priced free agents come out ahead?

Ok, lets go back a few months, February 2008 and assess the New York Jets … go!

*Quarterback –> Chad Pennington is an effective below average option that cannot stretch the field, and Kellen Clemens may not be any better than a backup (likely needs addressed).

*Running back –> Thomas Jones is almost 30 and Leon Washington is not feature back material, a quality change of pace/return game option but that’s it (probably needs addressed).

*Wide Receiver –> Adequate, but nothing special. Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery are serviceable and our youth (Chansi Stuckey, Brad Smith, and David Clowney) has potential (doesn’t need addressed).

*Tight End –> We need some help, a lot of help.

*Offensive Line –> Awful, flat out awful. D’Brickshaw

Ferguson appears to be a bust, we shouldn’t have forced Pete Kendall out, and the right side of the line is bench caliber, at best. Nick Mangold’s been a quality addition, but that’s it (an overhaul is in order).

*Special Teams –>

Washington is an elite returner, the rest of the unit isn’t weak (doesn’t need addressed).

*Defensive Line –> Dewayne Robertson is not a nose tackle; that position needs addressed. The ends may be ok but we won’t know until we get a decent nose tackle (needs addressed).

*Linebackers –> David Harris is a future stud, but Jonathon Vilma is simply not cutting it in the 3-4 and we are sorely lacking for pass rushers on the outside (likely needs addressed).

*Defensive Backs –> Darrelle Revis may be the shut down corner we’ve been looking for and Kerry Rhodes is elite, but we could use some upgrades behind them (not a priority, but should be addressed).

That’s the way I saw it. Needless to say they had a lot of work to do. Now, we’re all familiar with the moves they made, but what sort of impact will they have? Lets take a look…

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