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A Shark’s Eye View: Case Study – playing the waiver wire for team defense (part 1, of many)

Note: This article is aimed at those in standard 10-12 team redrafts/keepers. Those in dynasties or deeper leagues may not find this as useful. We will be using a relatively standard scoring system, as follows:

0 pts against = 10 pts

1-6 pts against = 7 pts

7-13 pts against = 4 pts

14-20 pts against = 1 pt

21-27 pts against = 0 pts

28-34 pts against = -1 pt

35+ pts against = -4 pts

Sack = 1 pt

INT/Fumble = 2 pts

Blocked kicks/punts = 5 pts

Safeties = 5 pts

Def/ST TD’s = 6 pts

I am currently in four relatively standard redrafts/keepers of 10-12 teams. All are slightly different in league structure and have between 14- and 16-man rosters. I am using my usual tactic in three leagues of playing the waiver wire, but in my fourth league (deeper bench) I am employing a Pittsburgh/Philadelphia committee and will ride them out all the way. I will also be using two other metrics, one in which I will be evaluating the top three drafted defenses (usually drafted in the middle rounds) and top three overall defenses. I will be evaluating these strategies based on total points scored and consistency. I have some ideas for formulas to quantify these items but I want to wait until my sample size is larger before identifying the best choice. Thus far in 2008 this is how I’ve faired in my leagues …

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