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A Shark’s Eye View – Ignored in the AFC East, and we’re ok with that: The 2008 Buffalo Bills



A rewind of the offseason in the AFC East…

*Patriots choke

*The Tuna to Miami, bye bye Cam/Mueller

*Jets empty their wallets in free agency

*Pats can’t retain key players

*Jake Long and Vernon Gholston

*Brett Favre

*Ronnie Brown vs. Ricky Williams

*Tom Brady’s foot

*Brett Favre

*Pennington changes teams within division

*Brett Favre

*Brett Favre

*Brett Favre

Does anyone else see what I see? An offseason full of news surrounding three teams and zero mention of the fourth, the Buffalo Bills. The biggest headlines the Bills made in the offseason surrounded a potential location change to Toronto, other than that? Business as usual, and I believe many are sleeping on them. Don’t fall for the trap; you’re looking at a playoff team.


did what

San Francisco should have done

Buffalo and San Francisco arguably had the most vanilla offensive schemes in 2007. In fact it’s hard to imagine either could be much worse. The Niners have grabbed most of the headlines this offseason (relatively speaking) because of the offensive coordinator they hired, Mike Martz. Little has been made about Buffalo’s, which I think will make greater strides than San Francisco’s in 2008. While San Francisco is busy filling circular holes with square pegs, Buffalo has made changes to their scheme to better take advantage of their strengths. Marshawn Lynch is a play-maker after the catch, but he was not utilized in such a fashion in 2007. While ‘why’ is a good question, that’s not relevant at this time; the fact that they’re planning on utilizing him in such a manner is. This change won’t just increase the running backs numbers, but it should have a positive impact on Lee Evans and the receivers. Running backs in the passing game is an element defenses did not need to account for in 2007, which would help explain why Lee Evans was double covered just about every time he went out for a route.

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