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A Shark’s Eye View: Willis McGahee – Don’t waste your time

We all remember that shot; the one on draft day 2003 of McGahee on the phone pretending to talk to a potential team when in actuality he was talking to his agent Drew Rosenhaus; a ploy to get a team to panic and draft him in the 1st round. Buffalo took the bait. Not many people who are sure to miss at least a year of action get drafted in the first round – I can’t think of any actually – and McGahee later proved he wasn’t worth the trouble. If it’s any consolation for Buffalo – it’s not – they wouldn’t be the last to get lured in by McGahee’s (false) appeal.

Once raved as the next can’t miss top-five pick McGahee has never been able to live up to his billing. He teased us with his strong finish to the 04 season after taking 18 months to recover from his devastating knee injury in the 2003 championship game; little did we know there was more of that to come. Those who took the bait in the 1st round of 2005 drafts – guilty as charged – never got to see the same guy we all saw finish ’04 with a bang. We didn’t just get a flop, but a teasing flop. Five of his first six starts were quality weeks, scoring in four, he would score just one TD the rest of the way; and to add insult to injury, McGahee added an offensive 8 carry / 3 yard performance against the mighty Pats. This would become the norm for McGahee; getting off to a hot start based on his raw talent and fading away into the offseason based on some combo of a bad team, bad attitude, and bad conditioning – it’s a subject for debate which element had the greatest impact.

How does the old adage go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? Something like that. Well, McGahee’s on trial number four and it’s time to give up on him already. It’s just not going to happen. The writing’s on the wall. If you don’t want to believe in McGahee’s history of poor finishes, attitude, and offseason training then a look around – former – Camp Creampuff should be all it takes for you to start buying what I’m selling.

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