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A Shark’s Eye View – Your Trash, My Treasure: WR’s

Your Trash, My Treasure: WR’s


Yes, we all know the old adage, big time producers come out of nowhere every year.

  Sometimes these guys are on many radars preseason (2007 i.e.’s Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Wes Welker), sometimes they come out of nowhere (2007 i.e.’s Bobby Engram, Roddy White, Shaun McDonald).

For those that aren’t active in the Tank, I spend a lot of time researching and reading about young talent. I could write pages and pages about potential deep sleepers, but that doesn’t concern most of you.

I get that.

You want guys who are on radars that have what it takes to make that step. You’ll worry about those out of nowhere options when they arise, right?

Well, I’ve dug through the scrap heap and found the gems; will all of them pan out?

Probably not. I mean, I’d like them to, but I’m not going to be unrealistic.

I think one or two of them will break out, I just don’t know which ones – maybe I’ll get lucky.

Keeping your expectations low makes the payoff that much better, right?

Anyway, on with them…


Robert Meachem,

New Orleans


I have been (somewhat) quietly pimping this kid all offseason.

  He spent most of summer 2007 injured, saying things he probably should not have (“Why am I here?

  I’m getting paid”), being fat and slow, and having an apathetic attitude at the workouts he did show up to.

  To say his first impression on the Saints was a poor one would be a vast understatement.

  I drafted him in a dynasty in ‘07 anyway, his upside is just too large to ignore.

  He has the skills to be an elite WR and is tailor made for the Saints’ offense, which is primarily built around the short and intermediate passing game allowing for its playmakers to gain some yards after catch, a strength of Meachem’s.


Why am I still big on him after his immaturity and mental lapses (which were red flags pre-draft) plagued his ‘07 season?

  A noticeable change in his demeanor was detected by the staff once the season started and Meachem found himself on the inactive list week in and week out.

  His knee issue had been improving and as the early portions of the season went on Payton and his staff noticed a significant improvement in Meachem at practice.

  Why didn’t this result in increased playing time?

  Unlike most teams the Saints WR corps stayed healthy all season long.

  The fact that they were in a playoff race until week 16 and Payton not wanting to adjust the team’s current makeup and chemistry kept Meachem inactive.

  To insert him into the lineup would have seemed a bit forced and could have really put a damper on the team’s playoff push.

  Spending a season on the sidelines may have been best for Meachem anyway; it is well known that many WR’s take time to develop and after his lack of maturity was on display throughout his early days in

New Orleans, spending a year out of action could be seen as a positive.

  Besides, why rush him when what you’re currently putting out there is getting the job done?

  Payton was wise to leave him on the sideline in ‘07, and he’s being wise to give him every opportunity to win the #2 job this summer.

  The reports from OTA’s were glowing, if he keeps this up into and through training camp there may not be a WR by committee in New Orleans anymore.


In the pass-happy

New Orleans offense, 196 receptions, 2335 yards, and 14 TD’s were distributed amongst non-Colston WR’s and TE’s in 2007.

  Granted, a portion of those receptions will go to Shockey, and there will be other WR’s in the mix.


New Orleans used a rotation at #2 last year. If Meachem wins the job (which he is being given every opportunity to do), expecting him to net 30-40% of that production would not be unreasonable.

  A 75/900/6 season for a guy that’s being drafted as a WR5 in 12 team mixed leagues?

  That doesn’t even take into account the offenses upside given the upgrade at TE and the type of upgrade Meachem could be over the Patten/Moore/Copper/Henderson platoon of last year.

  I’m not saying the sky’s the limit, but there is a lot of reason to believe in this kid.

  At his current rate?

  Yea, he’s worth the risk.


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