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A View From the End Zone

All things considered, I miss Bounty-gate. Remember when everyone was aghast at the ghoulish threats doled out by Gregg Williams to “kill the head?” Oh my heavens, targeting injured players in a football game? Trying to inflict pain and knock a player unconscious? Unfathomable! Suspend everyone involved! We can’t have such a black eye on the shield. Well, that was last offseason. This off-season, yeah, it’s just a tad bit worse.

Things started off with an Adam “Pacman” Jones assault at which nearly everyone shrugged their shoulders. Despite video evidence to the contrary, Jones’ lawyers thought it would be a great idea for him to hit the interview circuit and garble and slang away his innocence. Brilliant work. Then we had former, but still technically active (I guess),
Chad Johnson
slap the butt of his lawyer to celebrate his plea bargain. Brilliant work. But of course, Jones’ dalliance and Johnson’s no-no, pale in comparison to the circumstance in which
Aaron Hernandez
finds himself.

The Hernandez case will soon move from being covered by the smarmy Adam Schefter to the smarmy Nancy Grace, so the less said here on a fantasy football website the better. If it wasn’t for Hernandez, we would be having a jolly ole time, laughing at the walking ‘Butt Fumble’ that is Mark Sanchez, as he shakes his tookis for the world to see. We could have been talking about Tim Tebow every single day and making fun of the endless theories on how coach Bill Belichick will use him, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. So as the offseason slowly dissipates in the next few weeks and we begin to get ready for training camp, enabling us to just talk football again, we prepare to enjoy America’s favorite pasttime. Not the NFL, but fantasy football.

I’m reading Twitter to absorb and dissect any and every mention of the training camp battles that will parade across the practice fields of every NFL team. I eagerly await the fake games and the fakest of them all, the Hall of Fame game on Aug. 4, where the starters might not play, but if they do, it’s only for a series or two: a glorious and wondrous seven plays that make these past seven months all worth it. The season can’t start soon enough.

With that said, here are the players who will make the greatest leaps in their average draft position in the weeks leading up to your draft.

   ) the current average draft position courtesy of

Rookie Running Backs – all of them

This will be the first chance for guys to see Montee Ball (71.03),
Eddie Lacy
(63.16)and Le’Veon Bell (75.69) live and in a real NFL game. People go gaga over rookie running backs. Let them.

The Offensive Weapon of Jacksonville 

This guy will be the pre-season most valuable player. He has the hair, he has the shoes. Fun!
Denard Robinson

New England Patriots Tight End Depth Chart

Each one will be trumpeted by someone as the next Patriots’ star. Count on it.
Jake Ballard
(226.18), Zach Sudfeld (NA),
Michael Hoomanawanui
Daniel Fells

Random St. Louis Rams Running Back

Someone is going to emerge from this group, but who?
Zac Stacy
Daryl Richardson
(104.59) or
Isaiah Pead

Miami Dolphins Hype

It all starts with Ryan Tannehill (145.62), then
Mike Wallace
(54.24), then Lamar Miller (43.04) then, to a lesser degree,
Dustin Keller

Reggie Bush


His average draft position is already kind of high, but it will get higher right before you draft thanks to Deion Sanders’ insistence to break out his prime time shtick in the preseason (38.34).

Old Guys in Good Offenses

Steven Jackson
(33.85) will easily pick up the Michael Turner slack, and
Frank Gore
(46.04) is just being completely taken for granted in early mock drafts.

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