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AFC North Preview





– Ben Roethlisberger – Has gone from managing the game to Commander in Chief! Everything starts with Big Ben. Steelers face a competitive schedule this year and their new pass focus will be in high demand. If you build your RB and WR core first, you may be able to steal Roethlisberger and a guaranteed Top 10 QB this year as he works to approach 30 touchdowns another year.

  Although he may have a lower number of attempts with a more balanced offense and running game.

  Steeler’s line isn’t as strong as previous years, so Ben has been working on getting rid of the ball when his scrambling doesn’t work out.

  Good news for owners- since that should save him from taking another 47 sacks.




– Other- Charlie Batch – Batch knows the Steelers system and is very cool, calm, and collective when his number is called. He doesn’t warrant a draft pick, but if Big Ben decides to play chicken on his motorcycle this season, he will be in high demand on the waiver wire.

Be aware that Charlie has injured his collar bone during the preseason game against the Eagles, and could be out for 1-2 months.

  Enter Dennis Dixon, or maybe another veteran that could be brought in.

  Big Ben owners should monitor the situation.



– Willie Parker – 13 TDs in ’06 and two TDs in ’07? What happened to Fast Willie? His stock is falling rapidly and he can be had in the middle batch of running backs in this year’s draft. He can be trusted to put up his yards between the 20’s as the passing threat will keep defenses honest, but he may need to break some long ones to score this year now that they brought in the rookie vulture.

  Keep an eye on him in preseason as the goal line carries are currently up for grabs as Mendenhall is having a bit of trouble.

  If Parker can be trusted, he’ll continue to get the carries from in close as long as he capitalizes consistently.

  If he is the goal line back, his value launches!



– Rashard Mendenhall –Jerome Bettis Version 2.0? If he shows coaches he has what it takes to pound the rock over the goal line, he may capitalize on all of Wee Willie’s hard work this year. He also has great upside since he could be trusted with the full load if Parker sits out of any games this year. Look at him as a sneaky RB3 that should see more and more time as the season progresses.



– Hines Ward – Streaky, but he gets it done. Will this be the year that he becomes the Steelers No. 2? Draft him that way and cross your fingers for the upside on his connection with Ben.

  When it comes to a tight situation or a tough 3rd down, he’s Ben’s main man still.

  Hines will have a great season, so don’t forget about him too long on draft day.



– Santonio Holmes – A great WR2 with WR1 upside. He will only build on his ’07 performance with Roethlisberger at the helm. Holmes is dangerous with the ball in his hands.  Ben knows that, and he’ll try to put it there as many times as he can.

  These two already showed a great connection for a score in the first preseason game.

  Just a preview of more things to come this season.

  Announcers at Hines Field are at home right now practicing the phrase, “Roethlisberger to Holmes.”

  Top 15 WR potential with upside.



– Limas Sweed – 6’5’’… The reception number may be low, but he’ll make them count. Look for Sweed to be running around the end zone with a massive bull’s-eye on his chest all year – Ben will.




– Nate Washington- He’s like the freshman on the varsity squad.

  On a team with lots of offensive options,

Washington is an afterthought.



– Heath Miller – He seems to disappear for weeks at time. Although, when he shows up, he shows up big. More of a TD threat than a high yardage player.

 Miller makes defenses pay when they focus too much on the other stars that surround him.

  Make sure to consult magic eight ball before starting him each week. Look for him to be a Top 15 TE.



– Jeff Reed – He should be drafted solely for his 2007 white man afro photo. A solid kicker on a team that will put him in good situations. If he touches the field for anything less than a 40-yarder, put it on the score board. He was good for 23/25 field goals and 44 extra points.

  A great kicker on a winning team – that’s good enough to be drafted in the last round.

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