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AFC South Player Analysis

AFC South


Indianapolis Colts

2005 Finish: 1st (14-2)


Notable Moves:


Joseph Addai (RB):  The Colts traded Edgerrin James to make way for this first round draft.  Yes, he has some very big shoes to fill, but just remember who the Colts traded in 1999 to make way for James…


Adam Vinatieri (K):  The Colts actually managed to upgrade this position by replacing Vanderjagt with the Ice Man himself, Adam Vinatieri.




Peyton Manning:  Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning.  He still has that offensive line protecting him and he still has his receiving corps.  Nuff said…

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 3747 yds, 28 TD, 10 Int




Dominick Rhodes:  Rhodes is the starting RB in Indianapolis . . . for now.  He’s sure to share time with Addai and whichever back is more effective will see more time.

2005 Stats: 13 Games, 118 Rush yds, 4 Rush TD, 88 Rec yds, 0 TD


Joseph Addai:  Consider taking a chance on Addai, especially if you’re in a keeper league.  He’ll share handoffs with Rhodes but this means he’ll have the opportunity to show his stuff and compete for that starting spot.


Wide Receiver:


Marvin Harrison:  Another year older and deeper in coverage.  Harrison and Manning are like an old married couple now more than ever.  Each one knows exactly what the other is thinking and what the other will do.  Still very dangerous…

2005 Stats: 15 Games, 82 Receptions, 1146 yds, 12 TD


Reggie Wayne:  Perhaps the new main threat in Indianapolis?  You know how it works… one week Harrison will have a blow out game, the next it’ll be Wayne, the next week, the next week it’ll be . . .  Check out how even Harrison and Wayne’s stats are…

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 83 Receptions, 1055 yds, 5 TD


Tight End:


Dallas Clark:  Just another veteran receiver that’s still going strong and will get plenty of looks from Manning.

2005 Stats: 15 Games, 37 Receptions, 488 yds, 4 TD




Adam Vinatieri:  Not much to say here… Take out one great kicker with a funny sounding V name and plug in another…

2005 Stats (New England): 16 Games, FG: 20/25 (80%), XP: 40/41 (98%)




The Indianapolis defense was greatly upgraded last year and it had a huge effect on the team’s potential.  They allowed less points scored than all but 1 NFL team (Chicago).  The secondary is the weak link but I bet they’ve been working on that.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2005 Finish: 2nd (12-4)


Notable Moves:


Donovan Darius (S)(returning from injury) & Brian Williams (CB):  Darius and Williams are expected to strengthen the weakest link in the Jaguars Defense; the secondary.  If they can, then this defensive squad just might be bulletproof.


Marcedes Lewis (TE):  First- round draft choice = expectation to produce immediately.  Lewis will definitely get a chance to show what he can do.  However, this is not as much a reason to pick Lewis as it might be a reason not to pick up Kyle Brady.




Byron Leftwich:  He no longer has Jimmy Smith to throw to, but maybe that’s a good thing.  Jones, Williams, and Wilford will each make a case that they’re the best replacement for Smith.

2005 Stats: 11 Games, 2123 yds, 15 TD, 2 Int




Fred Taylor:  Taylor turned 30 this year and will have to prove that he’s still the man in Jacksonville.  Mr. Toefield and Mr. Jones (see below) are both poised and ready to strike.

2005 Stats: 11 Games, 787 Rush yds, 3 TD, 83 Rec yds, 0 TD


LaBrandon Toefield:  Toefield will likely see more action this year but is still listed as the number 2 RB.  Last year he was used in goal-line situations and could see more action over the rest of the field this year.

2005 Stats: 9 Games, 142 Rush yds, 4 TD, 17 Rec yds, 0 TD


Greg Jones:  The Jaguars talented FB wants to change his position from Full Back to Feature Back.  Might be worth risking a later round pick on him.

2005 Stats: 14 Games, 575 Rush yds, 4 TD, 65 Rec yds, 0 TD


Wide Receiver:


Ernest Wilford:  Now the veteran receiver on the team, Wilford will get his chance to be the #1 receiver and make Jacksonville forget about losing Smith.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 41 Receptions, 681 yds, 7 TD


Matt Jones:  Last year’s 1st round draft pick Matt Jones will have some eyes on him this year.  Someone needs to fill Jimmy Smith’s shoes.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 36 Receptions, 432 yds, 5 TD


Reggie Williams:  Another 1st round pick, Williams will have to fight his way onto the stat sheet.  Keep an eye on this developing situation.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 36 Receptions, 432 yds, 5 TD


Tight End:


Kyle Brady:  Brady gets challenged this year by Jacksonville’s top pick of the draft; Marcedes Lewis (see below).  Don’t give up on Brady just yet.  He’s the most stable receiver in Jacksonville and he’s got a great relationship with Leftwich.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 18 Receptions, 157 yds, 1 TD


Marcedes Lewis:  A great problem for Jacksonville is not so much fun for fantasy players.  Lewis will certainly get his looks from Leftwich, and may just take the starting position from Brady.




Josh Scobee:  Scobee made 77% of his field goal attempts last year (23 of 30).  He hits a lot of extra points though…

2005 Stats: 16 Games, FG: 23/30 (77%), XP: 59/60 (98%)




The Jaguars’ already top-notch Defense was improved even more with the return of Safety Donovin Darius and the addition of Cornerback Brian Williams from Minnesota.  This squad is definitely worth early consideration when you start thinking of picking up a Defense.


Houston Texans

2005 Finish: 4th (2-14)


Notable Moves:


Mario Williams (DE):  The overall top pick of the 2006 NFL draft will absolutely be counted on to make an impact on this completely retooled team.  The defense will move to a 4-3 look and Williams will spend much of his time chasing down opposing QB’s in the backfield.


Eric Moulds (WR):  The addition of Moulds should open things up for Andre Johnson and give David Carr another deep threat.  Will it be enough?  Time will tell.




David Carr:  Carr has been there all along.  At 2-14 in 2005, Carr spent a lot of time on his backside.  Hopefully, the retooled West Coast offense of Gary Kubiak will have more success.   

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 2,488 yds, 24 TD, 11 Int




Dominick Davis:  Davis should also benefit from the new style of offense and the additional help on the receiving side.  He’s a tough, talented back who’ll rack up some yards again this year. 

2005 Stats: 11 Games, 976 Rush yds, 2 Rush TD, 337 Rec yds, 4 Rec TD


Wide Receiver:


Andre Johnson:  Johnson should benefit from the arrival of Eric Moulds.  No more will defenses be able to double-team Johnson and keep him from getting the long balls.

2005 Stats: 13 Games, 63 Receptions, 688 yds, 2 TD


Eric Moulds:  Over his 10-year career in Buffalo, Moulds caught for just over 9000 yards, with 816 last year and just 4 touchdowns.  The move to Houston should revive Moulds’ career and hopefully send both of those numbers back up.

2005 Stats (Buffalo): 15 Games, 81 Receptions, 816 yds, 4 TD


Tight End:


Jeb Putzier:  Putzier should add yet another option for Carr in the passing game.  As far as TE’s go, he’s got the skills, but you might want to keep an eye on this setup.

2005 Stats (Denver): 16 Games, 37 Receptions, 481 yds, 0 TD


Mark Bruener:  Bruener played in all 16 games in 2005 but only caught 2 passes for 22 yards.  Make him show you something before you give him any consideration on your team.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, 2 Receptions, 22 yds, 0 TD




Kris Brown:  Much like Josh Scobee in Jacksonville, Brown connected on 77% of his field goal attempts last year (26 of 34).  However, if you’re paying attention, you noticed that he had more FG attempts than Scobee and a lot less XP attempts.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, FG: 26/34 (76%), XP: 24/24 (100%)




Much like the offense, Houston’s defense will have a completely new look this year.  The 3-4 is gone in favor of a traditional 4-3 and Mario Williams will hope to put more pressure on opposing QB’s this year.  This squad has historically spent a lot of time on the field but its point-generating capabilities are unproven.


Tennessee Titans

2005 Finish: 3rd (4-12)


Notable Moves:


Vince Young (QB):  Many people expected the Texans to pick up Young with the 1st pick of the draft.  Instead, Young replaces Steve McNair on the Titans roster.  Unfortunately, McNair is not in Nashville to mentor the young Young through his rookie year.


David Givens (WR):  Straight off the plane from the high-flying Patriots, Givens and his rings will be expected to work will well within the Titans passing game.


David Thornton (LB) and Chris Hope (S):  The Titans hope these guys, coming from Indianapolis and Pittsburgh respectively, can instill a winning spirit in the rest of the team.




Billy Volek:  Titans starting QB. . . at least for now.  Volek has played very well in the limited action he has seen filling in for Steve McNair.  Now he’s finally got the starting gig but he also knows he’s essentially interviewing for a job somewhere else.

2005 Stats: 6 Games, 474 yds, 4 TD, 2 Int


Vince Young:  Which game do you have in the Vince Young First Appearance pool?  My money is on Game 1.  Billy Volek will start, but Jeff Fisher expects to make defenses prepare for both of the very different B’s.




Chris Brown:  Brown is a talented, fast young runningback, but what worries most people is his ability to stay healthy.  He could make for a good value pick at the RB position but be prepared to hold your breath.

2005 Stats: 15 Games, 851 Rush yds, 5 TD, 327 Rec yds, 2 TD


Travis Henry:  Henry will share reps with Brown and newcomer LenDale White, making him a very suspect addition to your roster.

2005 Stats: 10 Games, 335 Rush yds, 0 TD, 117 yds, 0 TD


LenDale White:  Promising young runner, LenDale White could be a great pickup, especially in keeper leagues.


Wide Receiver:


Drew Bennett:  Good hands and good routes describe Drew Bennett.  He’ll benefit from the changes at QB and the addition of David Givens from New England.

2005 Stats: 13 Games, 58 Receptions, 738 yds, 4 TD


David Givens:  Givens will challenge Bennett for top billing in the Titans receiving corps.  He won’t have Tom Brady throwing to him this year, but Givens should be able to top the 59 receptions and 2 touchdowns he got last year.

2005 Stats (New England): 13 Games, 59 Receptions, 738 yds, 2 TD


Tight End:


Erron Kinney:  Kinney has done a great job filling the retired Frank Wycheck’s shoes.  If he can get healthy again, he should have a great year.

2005 Stats: 14 Games, 55 Receptions, 543 yds, 2 TD


Ben Troupe:  Troupe has established himself as a very competent pass catcher and will continue to get balls until Kinney returns.

2005 Stats: 15 Games, 55 Receptions, 530 yds, 4 TD




Rob Bironas:  Bironas should build on a steady rookie year and put his FG Pct. well into the 80% range.

2005 Stats: 16 Games, FG: 23/29 (79%), XP: 30/32 (94%)




An infusion of talent from the Colts and Steelers should help the Titans defense.  The Titans offense will count on it.  With a little more maturity from the young secondary (Come on, Pac Man!), the Titans D might just be up to the task.


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