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After 2 Weeks

After 2 Weeks

Only two weeks have passed and yet it feels like the world of fantasy football has been turned upside down. There’s been so many crucial, season killing injuries, tons of busts and a few sleepers. Here’s a seemingly random collection of thoughts about everything that’s transpired in the last 14 days.

After 2 weeks, three out of the Top 5 overall picks are busts: Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster and Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson has the best chance of redeeming himself but after two turd weeks in a row, if he doesn’t get his act together within the next game or two, it might be too late for his owners to save their seasons. Jamaal Charles is done for the year. Arian Foster has already been demoted to being a backup because of lingering hamstring issues. Foster may return to form at some point but similar to CJ, the clock is ticking for him to make a meaningful impact for his owners.

Think about the wide ranging implications this has for fantasy football, in general. In most leagues, the draft order is determined by record of the previous year. The worst owners get the top picks and the playoff teams get the bottom half of the draft order. This is done to preserve parity and give the worst owners a great pick to draft a stud player.

Unfortunately for those owners unlucky enough to draft Charles, Foster and CJ, things are just going to get worse and they can expect to be drafting in the Top 5 again next August. The good teams will stay good and the bad teams are going to get worse. Any advantage to having an early pick for most of the teams in the Top 5 has already been lost.

After 2 weeks, Michael Vick isn’t even a Top 10 fantasy football quarterback. We’re talking about a guy who was drafted in the 1st round and some owners even picked him first overall. After 2 weeks, he’s been outscored by Chad Henne, Sexy Rexy Grossman and even Jason Campbell. And I’m not just piling on because my beloved Falcons beat him and enjoyed one of their best wins in franchise history.

It’s not getting talked about much but it should be. There’s no legit excuse for Vick’s disappointing performance. The “Dream Team” Eagles have played both the Rams and the Falcons, two teams not known for having shutdown defenses. The reason Vick hasn’t gotten that much attention in fantasy circles is because he’s still produced for owners with over 400 yards passing, 4 touchdowns and 122 rushing yards. Those numbers are decent but there not great and that’s what owners were expecting when they drafted him in the first round.

After 2 weeks, Kenny Britt’s looking like a Top 5 fantasy football receiver. I don’t know if he can stay healthy. He certainly has a long history of being injury prone. I don’t know if he can stay out of trouble though it is encouraging that he wasn’t arrested in the month of September. If he can keep healthy and stop getting arrested, he has a chance to be drafted right after Larry Fitzgerald in the 5 spot at 2012 fantasy drafts.

After 2 weeks, several players are just total and complete busts. There’s just no hope for these guys. Here’s the Hall of Shame: Ryan Grant, Shonn Greene, Knowshown Moreno, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Marshawn Lynch and Sidney Rice. I’ll admit, Greene and Moreno have the best chance of contributing at some point but I have zero intention of targeting either guy going forward.  Both Greene and Moreno have been given opportunties in run-oriented offenses and have just failed to produce. 

After 2 weeks, Ben Tate has more rushing yards than Adrian Peterson, Lesean McCoy, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice and Maurice Jones Drew. In no way shape or form am I saying that Tate is on the same level as those guys. It just bears mentioning that if you’re looking for the answer to who this year’s Arian Foster might be, you might not have to look far in Houston to find him.

After 2 weeks, the Washington Redskins have somehow become a Fantasy Football Wonderland. Nearly every single skill position player on this team has been a quality fantasy sleeper. Sexy Rexy has been a solid starting fantasy quarterback, severely outplaying alleged future fantasy studs Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman. Fred Davis is having a breakout season with 11 catches, 191 receiving yards and 1 touchdown through 2 games. Tim Hightower has been one of the best values in 2011 drafts, taken as a RB3 in most leagues but performing, in reality, as a solid RB2. All three of these players weren’t even drafted as starters but are now playing at such a high level that they have become every week starters. Washington Redskins Fantasy Wonderland, my friends.

After 2 weeks, the owners who waited on drafting a tight end clearly made the right decision. You won’t find Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark and Vernon Davis anywhere near the top of Tight End scoring stats after 2 weeks. Instead, you’ll find Aaron Hernandez/Rob Gronkowsi (ADP: 9th/10th round), Dustin Keller (ADP: 13th Round), and Fred Davis (Undrafted). Jason Witten, as consistent as ever, is still in the Top 5 but it’s nothing but new faces besides him. Something to keep in mind for 2012 drafts.

After 2 weeks, it’s time we admit that Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman were massively overrated this summer. Neither QB is ready to be a fantasy football starting QB at this point. We’re talking about two quarterbacks that aren’t even in the Top 20 in most scoring systems. They’re backups until they prove otherwise.

The tragedy is both QBs were drafted as starters this year. Freeman’s averaging around 250 passing yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception a game. After 2 weeks, Bradford has 519 passing yards, 1 touchdown and 2 fumbles. These are pedestrian numbers at best and both quarterbacks should be sent to the bench until they start producing.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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