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Against the Odds (2009) – Week 1

With the first week of the regular season in mind, Vinnie has utmost confidence in the following games:

Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5): Cincy will be able to move the chains and score plenty of points against the Broncos. Meanwhile, the Bengals defense appears much improved from 2008 and there are just too many questions surrounding key players on Denver’s offense, heading into opening weekend.


Gimme the Bengals minus the points.

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4): Dallas has the sort of offensive weapons that will give the new-look Buccaneers defense fits. If only Tampa Bay had enough firepower on offense to keep up; against a respectable Cowboys defense, don’t expect much from Byron Leftwich and company. Note: the point spread favoring Dallas has been on the rise as of late, so lock this one in soon!


Gimme the Cowboys minus the points.

Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns (+3): Rest assured the Vikings will do just fine when they have the ball. Cleveland, on the other hand, needs a big performance from whichever quarterback gets promoted to starter. With Jamal Lewis and/or James Davis running in place against Minnesota’s front throughout the game, can you envision Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson getting the job done? Vinnie can’t.


Gimme the Vikings minus the points.

San Francisco @ Arizona Cardinals (-6.5): Sure, the Cards play awfully well at home and sure, there is more uncertainty surrounding San Fran this year. Call it a hunch, but Vinnie sees enough in the 49ers inspired defense to keep this game close. Frank Gore looks good here, Shaun Hill plays well, and Arizona begins the season 0-1.


Gimme the 49ers plus the points.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens (-9): At this point in the rebuilding process, Kansas City appears to have a long way to go. Baltimore is but one year removed from doing well in the AFC playoffs and hasn’t lost all that much in the way of personnel. The Ravens offense will be even better and certainly won’t face much of a challenge from a Chiefs defense in a state of upheaval.


Gimme the Ravens minus the points.

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