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Against the Odds (2009) – Week 10

Try as he might, Vinnie just couldn’t make himself pick any underdogs this week. Nor is staking his claim in a divisional matchup his favorite thing to do, yet two appeal to him. That’s okay, though, if his sublime confidence in the picks below are any indication.

Denver Broncos @ Washington Redskins (+4): Ah, the dysfunctional Redskins. Perfect remedy for the Broncos’ two-game skid. Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Colt Brennan, it doesn’t matter. Clinton Portis is oftentimes Washington’s lone vehicle for moving the chains, and his chances to play this weekend are doubtful. Can Denver cover, with its defensive playmakers and Brandon Marshall? Vinnie sure thinks so.


Gimme the Broncos minus the points.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders (-1.5): Speaking of dysfunctional, the Raiders are coming off a bye week. This game is in the Black Hole, where whatever magic Al Davis’ team occasionally summons takes place. For one thing, reports are that Darren McFadden will rejoin his teammates for game action. Between he and Justin Fargas, there will be plenty of room to run against the subpar Chiefs defense. For another thing, Kansas City has a proven track record of letting the opposing team’s pass rush get to Matt Cassel. Oakland beat the Chiefs in mid-September and Vinnie sees ’em getting the job done again in Week 10.


Gimme the Raiders minus the points.

Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans (-6.5): The Bills have little going for them at this point, while the proverbial tide seems to have turned (to some extent) in Tennessee. The Titans defense was a huge liability, early in the season. In the last two weeks, though, that side of the ball is a whole lot more sound. Chris Johnson was about the only threat the Titans could boast of offensively, and opponents were finding ways to limit his effectiveness. But lately Chris has been spotted with a large red “S” on his chest, and teams are hardpressed to stop him. Vinnie expects these trends are here to stay – at least against the traveling Bills.


Gimme the Titans minus the points.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns (+11): Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and the Ravens offense packs a pretty big punch – well, unless it’s against the Bengals. The Browns defense in no way, shape or form rivals that of the Bengals. The Browns defense, in fact, is downright awful. And who does Cleveland have that can help keep the score close, in this one? Brady Quinn? Jamal Lewis? Vinnie has no problem picking Baltimore to win in a blowout, and neither should you.


Gimme the Ravens minus the points.

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